Bill Payment FAQs

Paying Bills online is a powerful feature of Regions Online Banking. Pay anyone from your utility company to the babysitter. You may never have to write another check. Review the questions below to learn more about paying bills online and see how easy paying bills can be.


What is Bill Pay?
Bill Pay is a service offered by Regions Online Banking that allows you to set up online bill payments to just about any company or person. You select which person or company you want to pay, and Regions Online Bill Pay allows you to choose the exact date for a bill to be paid and for the funds to be removed from your account.


What are some other features with Regions Online Bill Pay?

Regions Online Bill Pay has gotten a facelift! You can Add a Biller, review your Pending Payments, check Bill Reminders, and view your e-Bills and more from one easy-to-navigate Payment Center. You can also choose view "Bill History" and "Manage Your Bills" — all using the tabs at the top of the Bill Pay screen.

To add more convenience and control over your finances, Regions Bill Pay allows you to select the exact date when you would like your biller to receive the funds. For electronic payments, this will also be the date when the funds will be debited from your account. If your biller is paid by check, Regions will still make sure the check is delivered to your biller by the date you decide.

Additionally, with Regions e-Bills, you can elect to receive actual copies of your merchant bills directly through Regions Online Bill Pay. You no longer have to wait to receive bills in the mail or log into your biller's site. E-Bills are available from hundreds of companies, including major utilities and retailers nationwide, so you can unify and centralize your bill paying.


Who Can Use Bill Pay?
Anyone who has a Regions personal or small business checking and/or money market account may enroll for Regions Online Banking with Bill Pay.


How much does Bill Pay Cost?
There's no charge for Bill Pay! If you are a personal or small business account customer, you can pay as many bills as you want. Just see for yourself how you'll save time and money paying your bills online.


What is a Biller?
Also known as a Payee, a Biller is any company or person you would like to pay using Regions Online Bill Pay.


Will all my current payees be available in the new Online Bill Pay?
Yes, any payee that you have paid at least once in the last 13 months, and their payment history will convert to the new Online Bill Pay.


Will I be able to continue to see my Payment History?

Yes! All of your previous Payment History for the past 12 months will be viewable within the new Online Bill Pay. However, it may not be available until a few days after our conversion.


What are e-Bills and how do they work?

With Regions e-Bills, you can now choose to receive actual copies of select merchant bills directly through Regions Online Bill Pay. You will no longer have to wait to receive your bills in the mail or log into your biller’s site. E-Bills will be available from hundreds of companies, including major utilities and retailers nationwide.


Do I need to sign up with the merchant to receive e-Bills?
No, you have the ability to sign up for e-Bills for select merchants directly from within Regions Online Bill Pay.


Will I continue to receive paper statements from the merchant once I enroll in e-Bills?

There may be some overlap from the time you sign up for e-Bills and the time the merchant stops sending a paper statement via the U.S. mail. However, after signing up for the service, you will only receive that merchant’s statements via e-Bill. If you continue to receive paper statements, you will need to contact the merchant and request that paper statement no longer be distributed to you.


How do I view and pay my e-Bills?

Merchants offering e-Bills will appear in the Payment Center with a “Get Bill” icon to the left hand side of the biller name. To pay an e-Bill, click on the icon and follow the on screen instructions to view/pay your e-Bill.


Can I be notified about a schedule payment once it is paid?
You can set up “Reminders” on billers and have the option to receive email notifications when a bill is due, if a bill has not been paid by the due date, and when a payment has been sent. You can also view the status of recent payments in the Payment Center “Recent Payments” section, and view payment history on the Bill Activity page.


What accounts can I pay bills with?
Regions customers with a valid checking and/or money market account can use Regions Online Bill Pay.


How are my payments sent to billers?
Payments made through Regions Online Bill Pay are processed either electronically or by check.


How will I know if a payment is made electronically or by check?
When you are scheduling a payment, the dynamic payment calendar allows you to pick your first available pay date. For electronic payments, the first available pay date will show as the next business day, in most cases. For check payments, the next available pay date will typically show anywhere from 2-5 business days later.


Can I schedule a Bill Payment for a weekend or holiday?
No. In Regions Bill Pay, only business days will show as available pay dates. If you have a recurring payment that falls on a weekend or federal holiday, that payment will automatically be adjusted to the closest previous business day. For example, if your recurring payment is scheduled for Saturday, it will automatically be rescheduled for the Friday before.


Can I change or cancel my schedule bill payment?
You may change or cancel any payment that is in a “Pending” status. You may review your previously scheduled or pending payments in the “Pending Payments” box on within the Payment Center.


How far in advance can I schedule a payment?
You can schedule a payment up to one year in advance.


What if I still have more questions about Regions Online Bill Pay?

If you still have questions regarding Regions Online Bill Pay, please call us at 1-800-REGIONS(734-4667) or visit us at a branch today!