Regions Quick Deposit

Regions Quick Deposit offers you the ability to make deposits from the comfort of your office while streamlining the time-consuming task of processing daily check deposits.

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Streamlined check deposit operations saves you time and money
Regions makes it convenient. Regions Quick Deposit reduces the need for branch visits by enabling you to make deposits from your office.

You have total control
Regions makes it easy. Using the Regions Quick Deposit scanner, you can make deposits whenever you want. You have total control of processing your daily check deposits. Quick Deposit allows you to check totals and make error corrections before the deposit goes to the bank. Plus, you can use the application to review your deposited check images anytime.

Improves funds availability
Regions gives you flexibility. Regions Quick Deposit has an extended ledger deposit deadline (8:00 p.m. CT compared to 2:00 p.m. CT for in-branch deposits). With this extended deadline, you have more time to make additional deposits allowing those funds to be available to you a full day earlier.

Ease of installation
Regions makes it simple. You will only have to connect the scanner to your PC. The application software resides within Regions, not on your equipment.

Centralized management
Regions makes it manageable. For companies that have multiple locations, Regions Quick Deposit offers centralized management – allowing multiple users the ability to make deposits from various locations through one single database.

How Regions Quick Deposit works:

  • Each user logs into the Regions Quick Deposit application using a specific user ID and password.
  • The user then enters the deposit total—which is used to balance the deposit amount.
  • Using a specifically designed desktop scanner, you scan and electronically capture images of your receivable checks.
  • Checks are dropped into the scanner, which verifies each item. The scanner reads the amount, ensures that each item passes a specified image quality standard, and determines that it is not a duplicate of a previously scanned check.
  • When the entire deposit transaction is completed and balanced, the user will end the deposit and securely transmit the data via the Internet to Regions for processing.

To find out more about Regions Quick Deposit, contact your Relationship Manager, Treasury Management Sales Specialist or Business Banker. You can also contact our Regions Inside Sales team at:

Call us at
      or       to be contacted by a local banker

If you are an existing client and need assistance with your Quick Deposit product:

Regions Client Services
      or       to send an email request to the Regions Client Services team
  • Inside US call - 1-800-787-3905
    (7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. CT)
  • Outside US call - 1-205-560-3999
    (7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. CT)


1. The Quick Deposit User Guide is a password protected document for current clients only. To obtain the password, contact your Regions Relationship Manager.