Regions Investment Management, Inc.

Investment Process

We are proud of our investment process. We have time-tested, consistent, collaborative and fundamentally driven processes that begin with experienced investment professionals analyzing economic, sociopolitical and demographic trends.

Various committees meet frequently to evaluate monetary policy, economic and business cycles and trends and yield curve movement in effort to achieve client goals through a risk-controlled environment. The Regions Investment Management Portfolio Managers are an integral part of these conversations.

Collaboration is part of how we achieve success. Our success does not depend on a star manager for insight and direction. The unique collaboration between our dedicated equity and fixed income teams helps us in identifying companies that offer an opportunity for investment in both stocks and bonds. The chart below illustrates our belief in team collaboration and how our investment professionals collaborate to find the most suitable investments for our clients’ portfolios.


Collaboration Chart


Call Regions Bank at 1-800-REGIONS, or tell us more about your wealth management needs and an experienced professional will contact you. RIM is an affiliate of Regions Bank.


Investment advisory services are offered through Regions Investment Management, Inc. ("RIM"), a Registered Investment Adviser. RIM is wholly owned by RFC Financial Holding, LLC, which in turn, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Regions Financial Corporation.