First Time Home Buyer Programs

Buying and owning a home is the single largest purchase and investment most of us will ever make. Regions offers several limited down payment options to assist first time home buyers needing a loan with a higher loan-to-value.

This type of loan can help if you need money for a down payment or closing costs. The information below outlines the highlights of the different products we offer through our offices. For more assistance with Region's limited down payment programs, contact a local Mortgage Loan Originator.

Path to Homeownership for First Time Home Buyers

Regions has developed the Path to Homeownership – a tool designed to educate and assist first time home buyers and customers desiring to purchase a home by providing you with additional information pertaining to:

  • Making the Decision to Buy a Home
  • Preparing to Buy a Home
  • Application Checklist
  • Planning for Down Payment and Closing Costs
  • Determining your Borrowing Power
  • Understanding Credit Report Information
  • Ways to Increase Your Borrowing Power When Shopping for a Home
  • Negotiating the Offer to Buy
  • Obtaining a Loan
  • Closing Day
  • Life as a Homeowner

Path to Homeownership - English
Camino a la Compra de una Casa - en Español

Definition: Allows you to keep your money in the bank and have less out of your pocket for closing costs and down payment.

Terms: For available terms, contact your local Regions Mortgage Loan Originator.

Loan-to-Value: Loan-to-value refers to the ratio of the mortgage loan's principal to the property's appraised value or its sales price, whichever is lower. With a limited down payment loan, the maximum LTV is 97 percent, which means less money out of your pocket. Gift funds are allowed.

Loan Amount Limits: For maximum amounts, contact your local Regions Mortgage Loan Originator.

Learn more about your loan type options by reviewing the disclosures provided below:

For more information about being a first time home buyer, please locate a Regions Mortgage Loan Originator or give us a call at 1-877-536-3286.


Subject to Credit Approval