Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Knowing that no two customers have the same future plans, or current life circumstances, Regions offers a variety of Certificates of Deposit (CD) terms. One of our bank representatives will be more than happy to help you choose the term that best meets your financial needs. And we'll always be there to help you adapt your accounts as your needs change over time.

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Features & Benefits
Opening Requirements
Terms 90 days or longer - $500
Terms 7-89 days - $2,500
Interest Calculated
Compounded daily and paid according to the terms of the CD
Interest Tiers
Rate is fixed for the term of the CD, but Relationship Pricing rates are subject to change if customer does not maintain relationship requirements.2
Earn a competitive rate and predictable return with little to no risk.

1. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. See account disclosure for details.

2. The Relationship Pricing interest rates and APYs are available to depositors who meet the following relationship requirements for the entire applicable term of the account: (i) the time deposit term must be at least 32 days, (ii) the primary or secondary designated owner on the time deposit must be the primary or secondary designated owner on a Regions Bank checking account, and (iii) the checking account must be and remain open during the entire term of the time deposit. If you do not meet the bank's relationship requirements, your account will earn the lower Standard Pricing interest rates and APYs. Details about Relationship Pricing and Standard Pricing are disclosed in other documentation related to time deposit accounts and are available from the Bank’s customer service representatives. Please note that IRA deposits are not eligible for Relationship Pricing. CDs (Certificates of Deposit) are time deposits. Interest on CDs longer than 12 months must be paid at least annually. Fees could reduce your earnings on account.



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