In Your 50's

These are important years for preparing for retirement. It may be your peak earning years and the achievement of many milestones; children's graduations, marriages, and career success. As you prepare for retirement it's time to focus on growing your income and reducing risks.

Focus on Retirement
Is your retirement on track? It may be time for some adjustments. A Regions Relationship Manager can help you ensure you meet your goals.

Growing Income and Managing Risk
The key to asset allocation is achieving the right balance.

Take Advantage of Opportunities with IRAs

Traditional IRAs, like employer-sponsored retirement plans (such as a 401K) feature tax deferral of earnings. If you are eligible, traditional IRAs may enable you to lower your current taxable income through deductible contributions. Withdrawals, however, are taxable income (unless you've made nondeductible contributions, in which case a portion of the withdrawals will not be taxable.)

Protecting Your Family and Assets Now and In the Future
Having both a plan and insurance can provide a variety of solutions for unexpected events.

Review Your Retirement Plan Today
The most important step for preparing for your retirement is to develop a plan that fits your lifestyle. Good retirement planning changes with you and is an ongoing process based upon your circumstances and life events. That's why your strategies must also be open to ongoing monitoring and adjusting. Regions expert advice and guidance can help you stay on track as you reach toward your goals.

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