Safe Deposit Box

A Regions Bank safe deposit box is the most convenient way to secure and protect vital family documents and heirlooms. Safe deposit boxes offer a safe place to keep the items that you simply cannot afford to lose. This might include deeds, birth certificates, stock certificates, rare family photos, passports, home video inventory, jewelry, insurance policies and other document storage.

Benefits of a Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes are kept securely inside a bank vault. Enjoy the comfort of knowing your valuables are protected and private. Multiple box sizes are available depending on your needs (subject to availability). Safe deposit boxes are fire and water resistant.

For box availability details, find a branch near you and select the Map for safe deposit box size, pricing and other information.

Safe Deposit Box Discounts

Rental fee pricing varies by size and state, and you can choose between three payment options: automatic debit, online bill pay or annual bill by mail. With your Regions checking account, you can receive up to a 50 percent discount on a safe deposit box with an additional 10 percent discount when payment is auto-debited from your checking or savings account.

As a Regions customer, you enjoy significant discounts:

Regions Product Type Discount
Business Accounts 30%
CD and IRA Accounts 30%
LifeGreen Checking 30%
LifeGreen Simple Checking 30%
LifeGreen Simple Checking 62+ 50%
LifeGreen eAccess 30%
LifeGreen eAccess Private Banking 50%
LifeGreen Preferred Checking 50%
Money Market Accounts 30%
Private Wealth Management 50%
Platinum Money Market Accounts 50%
Savings Accounts 30%

Note: In order to rent a safe deposit box, you must have a Regions account.*

Automatic debits from your checking or savings account can be setup when renting a safe deposit box. To schedule a payment online just log in to via Regions Online Banking.

1. In the Payment tab, select "Add a Payee."

2. In the Enter Payee Name field, key in the words "Safe Deposit Box," and then click the Search button.

3. In the Payee Name and Payee Address fields, choose "REGIONS SAFE DEPOSIT BOX" and "P.O. Box 11407, Birmingham, AL."

4. Click the Next button.

5. Enter your 15-digit safe deposit box account number found in the upper right hand corner of your annual safe deposit box bill and submit payment.


*Regions Now Card does not qualify as an account.