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Regions Customer Service Center 1-800-734-4667
Online Banking Customer Service 1-800-472-2265
Visa CheckCard Customer Service 1-800-295-8472
Regions Credit Card Customer Service 1-800-253-2265
Lost or Stolen Regions CheckCard 1-800-295-8472
Revolving Credit / Home Equity Line 1-800-231-7493
Client Services / Business & Commercial 1-800-787-3905
Regions Mortgage Customer Service 1-800-986-2462
Regions Mortgage Origination Center 1-877-536-3286
Report Fraud 1-800-734-4667
*Note: Customers inside the United States should not use this number. Some international charges may still apply.
Activity Verification Alerts 1-866-226-1020
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If you are a Regions customer and have account-specific questions, please log in to Online Banking and select “Secure Email Messages” from the Customer Service tab. Follow the on-screen instructions to send and receive secure messages with a Regions banker.

Online Banking Customers - Log in for Secure Email

Mortgage Customers - Log in for Secure Email

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Here are just a few of the most popular questions that customers ask:

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