Buy a Home?

Ah, the perpetual smell of the newsprint. The glares darting back and forth between open house visitors. Nights spent lying awake arranging furniture in your head. The uncontrollable pounding of your heart when you just know you’ve found the one. There is nothing quite like purchasing your dream home. It can be an exciting and emotional time in life. Like every important landmark you come to in life, Regions wants to be there to help you savor the experience.

Before you begin the hunt, do your homework. Regions can help. Click on the following questions to find answers tailored to your needs:

You probably already have your desired location narrowed down to one or two areas. You may want to talk to friends or acquaintances living in these areas about schools, taxes, safety and other concerns you may have. Compare available listings in these areas. The schools may be comparable to one another in two areas of town, but you may be able to get more house for your money in the other. The more you research, the more able you’ll be to recognize a good deal when one pops up.

Pre-qualifying for a mortgage will tell you exactly what you can afford, and will work in your favor when making an offer on a home. An offer made by a pre-qualified buyer is much more desirable to a seller than one contingent on financing. Regions has several mortgage options and our professionals can help you find the one that fits you. We also offer links to services like Equifax, an online source to obtaining a copy of your credit report, and improve.net a comprehensive resource for home improvements.

We understand that buying a home is a big step. That’s why we are available to help you feel confident and well informed during the hunt for your dream home.