Regions Credit Line



What is the Regions Credit Line?

The Regions Credit Line is a small-dollar, revolving line of credit with limits of $500 up to $3,000 dollars. It has a fixed annual percentage rate of 21.90%. Upon acceptance of the product, you may then immediately transfer advances within your Regions Online Banking. You can make multiple advances, up to your credit limit, so you borrow only what you need.



How can I activate this Regions Credit Line offer?

The Regions Credit Line offer is activated via Regions Online Banking only. If a Regions Credit Line banner is displayed on your Account Summary screen, activation is just a few clicks away. Eligible customers must first review and accept the Regions Credit Line Account Agreement and Disclosures. Once the Account Agreement and Disclosures (Terms and Conditions) have been accepted, we will accept your activation and open your account via Regions Online Banking. After your account is opened, advances can be made via Online Banking, by visiting your local Regions branch, or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-231-7493.

Please note that an invitation to activate a Regions Credit Line account that appears in Regions Online Banking may be withdrawn at any time before we open the account.

Note: Any individual who has access to your Online Banking credentials may activate Regions Credit Line offer and take advances through Online Banking. Please see your Online Banking Service Agreement for more details.



Is Online Banking the only way to activate this Regions Credit Line offer?

Yes. This Regions Credit Line offer can only be activated via Regions' Online Banking. Using Online Banking provides a safe, secure and convenient environment for you to activate your account, transfer funds when you need them and view account summary information on demand.

If you request credit at a Regions branch, through regions.com or by telephone, we will treat your request as an application for a credit extension that was not pre-screened..



How much can I advance?

If your account is open and in good standing, you may advance up to your available credit, which is your credit limit minus any unpaid balances on your Regions Credit Line account.



Is there a Credit Advance fee for using Regions Credit Line?

Yes. A Credit Advance Fee of the lesser of $10 or 10% per advance will be charged for each credit advance you take on your account, regardless of the advanced amount. No Credit Advance fee will be charged on overdraft protection payments; however, your checking account may be charged an overdraft protection transfer fee.



Are there any other fees or interest associated with Regions Credit Line?

Yes. Interest is charged on the amount of each advance based on your approved interest rate. There is an Annual Fee of $25 beginning on your first statement and then each year after the Regions Credit Line account is opened, an Overlimit Fee of $29 when your account balance exceeds its credit limit anytime during the billing cycle and a Late Payment Fee of $29 if the minimum payment on the Regions Credit Line account in not paid within 10 days after the payment due date.



Are there any cut-off times associated with the deposit of an advance into my checking account?

Yes. Advances initiated before 8:00 P.M. CT will cover transactions processed the same business day. Advances initiated after 8:00 P.M. CT or on non-business days will cover transactions processed the following business day. However, the advances will be available immediately for ATM and debit card transactions you make after the advance has been made to your checking account.



I am not interested in activating the Regions Credit line offer or other Regions loan products. How do I exclude myself from these offers?

To discontinue receiving offers, contact Regions Customer Service at 1-800-REGIONS (734-4667) or visit your local Regions branch and request to be excluded from loan product offers.