General Bank Account Questions

Find out how to open a bank account, apply for a loan and more.




How to open a bank account?
There are two options to open a new bank account with Regions:
  1. Visit any branch.
  2. Apply online today.



How to apply for a loan?

There are three options to open a new loan account with Regions:

  1. Visit any branch to submit an application.
  2. Contact our Loan by Phone department at 1-888-IN-A-SNAP to submit an application over the phone.
  3. Apply online today.



Where can I find interest rates for deposit products?

First select the product that you are interested in from the Personal Banking Solutions or the Small Business Banking Solutions sections. Once you select the product you are interested in, you will see a search box to the left of the image that asks you to enter your zip code next to "Find a rate in your area". You will then be asked to chose a branch in your zip code and the product rates will be displayed on the next screen. If you need more information, please visit your local branch.



How can I view information about my Mortgage account and request documents?

Visit the Questions About My Account section for assistance with questions specific to your account.