Manage Finances as a Newlywed?

When you decide to tie the knot, you agree to share your life with the love of your life. And that means sharing your worldly goods as well. This is an adjustment. Whether you both decide to work or plan on living on one income, a management plan must be set into motion.

For Richer or Poorer
Couples need to discuss their philosophies and goals concerning money. Decide how much you want, how much you want to save and how much you want to spend and how. Regions offers a number of financial and budgeting tools to help you lay the groundwork. We have several checking and savings options with tools attached to help you manage them properly. Online banking can help keep you on top of what’s going in and out of your accounts so that over spending is minimized. And the Regions CheckCard is a convenient way for both partners to access money from a joint checking account.

We Have Answers
We understand that you may have questions about merging your finances. That is why we have online calculators that can answer those questions for you. We provide quick answers to questions like:

Do Your Homework
While you are implementing your budget adjustment, you may want to explore links like Equifax for a copy of your credit report, and IRS.gov for information on how getting married affects your taxes.

We all know money can’t buy happiness, but is can sure throw a kink into things when it becomes an issue. The important thing to remember is to stay open and honest about spending, investing and savings. The more you communicate about your budget, the less likely you are to disagree about how to manage your finances.