Online Statements FAQs

Regions Online Statements service allows you to access your statements as soon as they are available. There is no need to wait on the mail. Access up to seven (7) years of statements anytime you need them and receive emailed notifications as soon as your statement is available. Review the questions below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Online Statements.



What are Online Statements?
An Online Statement is an electronic version of your monthly statement available through Regions Online Banking.  This exact copy of your paper statement is presented in a secure environment and captures information into a PDF file you can view, print or save at your convenience.



How much do Online Statements cost?
Online Statements is a service provied at no cost to you.



Will I still get my paper statement at my home address?

Once you enroll for Online Statements, your paper statements will be discontinued. It is possible to receive one more paper statement if your current statement was being processed while the selection was made.

* Note: You can resume delivery of your paper statements at any time by selecting the "Unenroll" link to the right of the account on the Online Statements page.



What accounts are eligible for Online Statements?
Online Statements are currently available for all Regions personal and business checking, savings, and credit card accounts, as well as money market and Now Card.



I have a joint account with my spouse.  Can they also view the Online Statement?

Yes.  Both account holders can access the Online Statement once it is available online, even if you have separate Online Banking accounts.

If one account holder unenrolls, the account will be unenrolled and Online Statements will not be available to either account holder.



How will I know when a new Online Statement is ready to be viewed?
You will receive an email notification every month when a new statement is available. This email notification will be sent to the email address displayed beside the account on the Online Statements page, and the address can be updated any time from this page.



I currently have my canceled checks returned to me.  If I enroll for Online Statements, will I still receive my checks?

When you enroll for Online Statements, your returned checks will be discontinued after the first month and an electronic image of the front of your checks will be available in your statement.

In addition, you may view an electronic image of the front and back of your checks by clicking on the check number on the Account Detail page of Regions Online Banking.



What is a PDF?  What software do I need to view my Online Statements?

PDF stands for Portable Document File and is a standard way to deliver electronic documents on the Internet.  Your Online Statement will be delivered as a PDF document and requires Adobe Acrobat® Reader to view.  You can download a copy free of charge at www.adobe.com.



What are statement enclosures and how do I view them?

Statement enclosures are supplemental information provided with your account statement. Enclosures could describe changes to your account, privacy or other regulatory notices, promotional or marketing related material.

To view the statement enclosures select the "View Enclosures" (envelope) icon from the Online Statements screen.



How do I enroll for Online Statements?

To enroll for Online Statements for your checking or savings account, you must be enrolled in Regions Online Banking. Visit the Online Statements page and select “Enroll in Online Statements” beside the desired account. If you enrolled in Regions Online Banking on or after August 10, 2008, your existing checking and savings accounts were automatically enrolled.

To enroll for Online Statements on a personal credit card, follow these instructions.



What happens after I enroll?

When you enroll in Online Statements, you will be able to view, save and print periodic statements for your eligible accounts immediately. We will send an email notification when your periodic statement is available for viewing. An Online Statement will be available through the service for approximately seven years after we post it.



How many months of Online Statements will I be able to view online?

You can view, save or print the up to seven years of Online Statements.  All available Online Statements will be accessible immediately upon enrollment. 

If you need a copy of a statement no longer available through Online Statements, visit the Customer Service tab and select “Order a Statement or Check Copy.” You can order a statement from anytime within the past seven years from any of your checking or savings accounts. There is a $5 fee for each statement copy.



Can I enroll for more than one checking or savings account?

Yes.  All of your personal and/or small business checking and savings accounts will be accessible with Online Statements.  You can enroll and unenroll accounts at your discretion.



What if I enroll and then decide I want to switch back to paper statements?

You can easily cancel Online Statements by selecting "Unenroll" on the Online Statements page. The Online Statements page can be reached from the drop-down menu below Accounts, or by selecting the Customer Service tab and then “Online Statements.” Your access to Online Statements will be immediately discontinued when you click “Unenroll” and your paper statements will resume in the next statement cycle.  Also, please print or save any desired statements before unenrolling since you will no longer have access to electronic copies.



Can I see my savings, mortgage or investment statements online?

Online Statements are currently only available for personal and/or small business Regions checking and savings accounts, and personal credit card accounts, money market and Now Card. Online Statements are currently provided without enrollment for business credit card accounts, but paper statements are unable to be discontinued for those accounts.



How can I start receiving or remove Check Images?

If you would like to begin receiving or cancel your Check Images, please call 1-800-REGIONS (1-800-734-4667) and a Regions banker will assist you.



How do I access my Online Statement?

To access your Online Statement, log in to Regions Online Banking and select "Online Statements" located in the Accounts menu.  Select the appropriate month in the dropdown menu and click the "View Statement" icon.  This action will launch Adobe Acrobat®, which will display your selected Online Statement. 

Visit www.adobe.com to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat® Reader.



How do I print my Online Statement?

To print an Online Statement, select "File" then "Print" from the Adobe Acrobat® menu selection.



How do I save my Online Statement?

To save an Online Statement, select the “Save Statement” icon to the right of the statement on the Online Statements page.



How do I update my email address?

On the Online Statements page, select "Edit" next to your email address. Enter the desired email address and select "Save."

It is important to keep a current email address so you will receive an Online Statement notification when your statement is ready to view.



What if I need a copy of a canceled check?

You can request a copy of a check online by logging in to Online Banking, selecting the Customer Service tab and then “Order a Statement or Check Copy.” There is a fee of $5 for each check copy.

For checks that have cleared your account within the past 18 months, you may view an electronic image of the front and back of your checks by clicking on the check number from the Account Details page. You also have the ability to print a copy of the check.


How do I get a copy of a statement or check?

While you are enrolled for the service, you can view, save and print any Online Statements for approximately seven years after the statement is posted. If you are enrolled in Online Statements and would like to request a paper statement copy to be sent through US Mail, log into Online Banking, select "Order a Statement or Check Copy" from the Customer Service Tab then follow the page instructions. Please note there is a $5 charge for each statement or check copy ordered. You can also request a copy by calling 1-800-REGIONS or by visiting your local branch.



What security methods are used to protect my Online Statements?

Since an Online IDs and Password is required to access your Online Statement, personal information is more secure than in your mailbox, where identity thieves can easily grab your paper statements or cancelled checks. Regions Online Banking uses advanced encryption methods to protect your personal information 24 hours a day.

Encryption is the process of transforming data into a form unreadable to anyone except those who possess the decryption key. For more information about recommended browsers that support 128-bit encryption, see our Browsers & Security page.

Regions uses digital certificates to ensure that when you access our secured websites, you are actually communicating with Regions and not an imposter.

Regions' servers are physically secured and monitored 24 hours a day. They are also protected by Internet firewalls.

To prevent unauthorized access to your accounts when you step away from your computer, your Internet Banking session automatically signs off after 10 minutes. It is recommended to sign off or close your browser after completing your banking session.


Why am I receiving overdraft notices and/or overdraft protection transfer notices by email?

Emailed alerts for overdrafts, insufficient funds, or overdraft protection transfers are provided as part of your Online Statements enrollment. Because you have opted for Online Statements and we value your time and relationship with us, we email this information to ensure you receive notifications as soon as possible.  Once you receive an email alert regarding an overdraft notice or transfer, you can log in to Online Banking and review the details by selecting the description of the overdraft transaction from the Account Details page for the affected account.


What if I do not want to receive overdraft notices or overdraft protection transfer notices by email?

These alerts are tied to your Online Statement enrollment. If you would not like to receive these emails, you may unenroll for Online Statements. This will result in your monthly statement and any future overdraft notice or overdraft protection transfer notice being mailed to the address on file for your account.


Can overdraft notices or overdraft protection transfer notices be sent to a different email address than my Online Statements notifications?

No. These alerts will be sent to the same email address that your Online Statements notifications are sent. If you would like to edit the email address, simply access the Online Statements page and select "Edit" beside link the desired account.


What accounts are eligible to order a statement or check copy?

You may order a statement or check copy for a checking or savings account through Online Banking by clicking on the Customer Service tab and selecting “Order a Statement or Check Copy." You may also request a copy by calling 1-800-REGIONS or by visiting your local branch. You may order a paper statement for a money market account, Now Card or Regions credit card by calling 1-800-REGIONS or by visiting a branch. There is a $5 fee for each statement or check copy.


What is the maximum number of statement or check copies I can order per each request?

You may order up to five statements or check copies with each request you submit. However, there is not a limit to the number of separate requests you can make.


How many credit card statements will I be able to see in Online Banking?

Depending on when you opened your account, you may view consumer credit card statements as far back as September 2011 or business credit card statements back to September 2010. You will eventually be able to view up to seven years of statement history.