Account Access FAQs

One of the most convenient features of Regions Online Banking is the ability to access all of your accounts at any time of day. You also have the ability to set up alerts to remind you of your account balance, let you know when a transaction posts for a set amount, and so much more. Review the frequently asked questions below to get answers to many common questions customers have when first viewing their accounts and setting up alerts online.


Account Access:

   Account Access


What accounts can I access on Regions Online Banking?
You may access any personal or small business checking or savings account, installment loan, mortgage loan, and line of credit. If you do not see an account on which you are a signer, simply call 1-800-4PC-BANK (1-800-472-2265).



Where can I access my full account number?
In order to identify your checking and savings account numbers within Online Banking simply select the Edit Account Names option from the Customer Service tab. You may also add nicknames to any checking or savings account to more easily recognize your accounts within Online Banking.



Can I have my accounts display in a different order?
Your accounts are sorted by account number. Generally, this means that your accounts show in order of oldest to newest. Currently, there is not a way to change the sort order of your accounts. The nickname function will allow you to quickly identify your accounts.



Can I change my account nickname?
To change the nickname of your account, simply access the Customer Service tab and select "Edit Account Names." View our step-by-step instructions for helpful information.




How much transaction history will I be able to view online?
The most recent 90 days of transaction history is available when you enroll into Online Banking and history builds up to 18 months.



Can I view a copy of a check that has cleared my account?
Yes. Copies of up to 18 months* of cleared checks can be found in the transaction register of Online Banking. To access a copy of a check that has cleared your account, simply click on the check number in the description field of your transaction register.



Can I sort my transaction history?
To sort transaction history, simply select one of the available options in the "Filter Transaction History" drop-down menu. You may also sort the transaction history by date, type, description, and debit or credit by selecting the transaction history column heading.



Can I access a copy of an overdraft notice?
Yes. In the event an overdraft occurs on your account, a link will be provided in your transaction register. By selecting this link, you will be able to view the details of your overdraft.



Can I be notified by email in the event I receive an overdraft notice?
Yes. By enrolling into Online Statements, you will also receive an email in the event an overdraft occurs on your account. The email will be sent to the same address to which your Online Statements notifications are sent.


* The most recent 90 days of transaction history is available upon enrollment into Online Banking and begins to build up to 18 months.