Online Transfers FAQs

One of the most popular features of Regions Online Banking is the ability to transfer funds between your accounts with just the click of a button. Review the questions below to get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning transfers.



How do I create a transfer?
  • Creating a transfer is easy with Regions Online Banking. Simply choose the account you would like to transfer from and the account you would like to transfer to from the dropdown boxes on the screen. All your eligible accounts will be in the dropdown boxes. Once you have the accounts chosen, simply key in the amount you would like to transfer and the date you would like the transfer to take place. Finally, you can make any transfer a recurring transfer by choosing a frequency and keying in the number of transfers you would like to schedule.


How do I check the status of a transfer?
  • Current day transfers will not be shown on the View Pending Transfers page. Current day transfers are immediately made available and reflected in your pending transactions and available balance on the Account Detail screen. Future dated transfers can be viewed on the Pending Transfers page.


Can I delete a same-day transfer?
  • Because same-day transfers are immediately reflected in your available balance, you are unable to cancel a same-day transfer. If you entered the wrong amount or no longer want the funds transferred, you will need to enter another transfer for the same amount in the opposite direction.


Can I pay a Regions mortgage, installment loan, or line of credit using the transfer feature?
  • Yes. All eligible transfer accounts will be shown in your transfer lists. Please note, however, a transfer to accounts other than checking or savings are not immediate and may take up to 2 to 3 business days to credit.


What are the cut-off times for funds transfers?
  • All online transfers between checking and savings accounts should be made prior to 8 p.m. Central Time to be posted the same business day. Transfers made on non-business days will be credited as of the next business day. Transfers to accounts other than checking or savings accounts may take up to 2 to 3 business days to credit.


Can I transfer funds from my line of credit to any of my available accounts?
  • Yes, as long as available funds are within your line of credit you can transfer funds to any of your available accounts.


I’m not a signer on my daughter's account but would like to transfer money to her from time to time. Can I do this with Regions Online Banking?
  • Yes. You can use Regions Personal PaySM to send funds directly to a friend or family member's account using only an email address, mobile phone or entering the account information. To access Personal Pay, simply select the Personal Pay link from the Payments tab.