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Looking Ahead

Divorce is a time of transition — legally, financially and emotionally. Make sure to educate yourself about your choices, be organized and get professional advice as you make a fresh start.

Have a Plan

While you can't plan for divorce, you can plan ahead for shared financial independence during your marriage. Establish credit in your name. During your divorce, plan for resolving joint property ownership and review all outstanding debt. After a divorce, start planning anew for your own individual goals.

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Stick to a Budget

In financial uncertainty, you can regain some control by quickly prioritizing your expenses. Decide what’s non-essential and cut back or eliminate expenses in the short term. Notify creditors of your situation if you need to make special payment arrangements.

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Manage Your Debt

Divorce can create financial hardships, no doubt. But even if you’re experiencing hardships it’s important to keep up with your debt obligations. You might only be able meet the minimum payments, but don’t stop making payments, especially as your finances become separate from your former spouse.

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