2016 Regions Riding Forward® Winning Essay by Dalton C.
Overcoming adversity has become one of the hardest things to do in the world we know. When a situation becomes more than one can handle you have to become even more humble, stay strong, and focus on the goal ahead. Laquon Treadwell has started from nothing and turned his life into something extraordinary. Treadwell is a student athlete at the University of Mississippi and is a part of the football program. Growing up in Chicago everyone always told him that he would not make it or could not be destined for greatness. After his remarkable freshman year at Ole Miss, Treadwell was off to a fast start his sophomore year until one second in the Auburn game almost changed his life. Late in the fourth quarter with Ole Miss winning 37-35, Ole Miss decided to throw to Treadwell on a play that could have ended his career. Pulled down from behind while about to cross the goal line Laquon’s body went backwards as his leg became caught under him. Suffering from a broken leg and dislocated ankle, Treadwell never played another down the rest of the season.

Treadwell had to have surgery in order to repair his leg so he could be able to play at the beginning of the next season. Overcoming this injury is something only a strong minded person can achieve. After going through rehabilitation for the injury people started sending him letters encouraging him and supporting him. A year later Treadwell broke records at Ole Miss and achieved milestones that people said he never could after his injury. Perseverance, humbleness, and his strong character helped Treadwell prevail and overcome this devastating leg injury that would have ended many other athlete’s careers.

Laquon Treadwell has been such an inspiration to me. While learning many things from Treadwell, I have learned most importantly to stay humble, keep one’s faith, and always show great character. His example has helped me with my own personal struggles. Growing up in a single parent home and my mother’s journey with breast cancer has been challenging. I am currently pursing a degree in business administration. Treadwell stayed focus and worked hard to achieve his goals. I have learned that I need to stay focused on the goal of achieving my degree. Sacrificing so much for the University of Mississippi, Treadwell became one of the greatest in the program’s history. I have had to sacrifice a lot to get to the point in where I am today and will have to continue to sacrifice in order to achieve my dreams. Hard work and perseverance showed how great Laquon Treadwell is even as a person. Achieving my degree and getting a job of interest will take major perseverance and hard work as well.

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