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Starting Strong

Congratulations, you're on your own. Along with a job, a car and somewhere to live, you'll want to make sure you build on your existing good financial habits. Learn more about how to save early and often, as well as how to manage debt wisely.

Stick to a Budget

First, understand what you're spending. Organize expenses by categories such as housing, food and so on. Decide how much you can afford for each category based on your goals, recognizing the difference between wants and needs. Then, monitor spending to stay on track.

Open a LifeGreen eAccess Checking Account

Pay Yourself First

Set up an automatic routine of saving money with each paycheck — and start now. Open a separate account and make a habit of depositing at least 10 percent of each month’s income.

Use Mobile Deposit

Set a Retirement Goal

By age 35, create a retirement goal and put in place a specific plan to achieve it. It might seem a long way off, but the average household spends 25 years in retirement. How much will you need to save to replace your annual income?

Plan for Tomorrow with an IRA
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