How Regions LockIt Can Help You Manage and Protect Your Card Accounts

How Regions LockIt Can Help You Manage and Protect Your Card Accounts

As technology changes and digital transactions become increasingly commonplace, it’s important to understand the different ways you can help reduce the risk of unauthorized activity on your Regions credit cards, CheckCards and prepaid cards.

Regions LockIt® allows you to instantly and conveniently customize how your cards can be used, including ATM, online, and in store transactions.

Here are several ways LockIt can help you manage your Regions credit cards, CheckCards, ATM cards and prepaid cards, whether you’re at home or on the go:

You Want a Tighter Grip on Your Transactions

LockIt lets you manage activity on your Regions cards in real time to help prevent unauthorized card transactions. You can also block ATM withdrawals, online purchases and/or over-the-phone purchases. “You can walk up to the ATM, turn off the ATM control, get your cash, and turn it back on,” says Dewayne Jones, Senior Vice President Retail Products at Regions Bank. “It’s a tool that empowers customers to have greater control over their cards.”

Your Account Has Been Compromised

If your Regions cards have been stolen or are subject to fraudulent activity, you can use LockIt to block transactions on your cards immediately, even before you call a bank representative to report the compromised card.

You’ve Misplaced Your Card

If you can’t find your Regions credit or debit card, and you’re confident it wasn’t stolen, you can use LockIt to block transactions until you find it or order a replacement. “A customer can block and unblock transactions instantly without having to call the bank,” says Jones. “That’s the convenience.”

You Know How Your Cards Are Being Used

In addition to being able to lock your cards if you suspect fraud, you can enable flexible controls for your credit and debit cards. These give you the confidence to know that your cards are being used when you want — and where you want. You own your situation because now you have power.

With the technology always at your fingertips, it’s more important than ever to understand how you can protect your account information and maintain your financial health.


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