Digital Banking: The Balance of Accessibility

Advancements in technology have helped shape the way consumers choose to bank today, which has led institutions to adopt new, more convenient and efficient digital services and mobile banking.

Advancements in technology have helped shape the way consumers choose to bank today, which has led institutions to adopt new, more convenient and efficient digital services and mobile banking.

“Providing new channels for customers to do their banking, especially digital channels, is just providing more opportunities to reach our customers in the way they want to bank,” says Brett Shaffer, Consumer Banking Manager at Regions Bank. “That still includes a face-to-face relationship.”

The Power of Digital Banking

Digital channels such as online and mobile banking have enabled banks to make service more accessible to you, whether you’re at home or on the go. Remote deposit capture — which allows you to deposit checks using a mobile app — has enabled many customers to skip trips to their local bank branch or to an ATM that accepts deposits, while online bill pay minimizes your need to send checks to billers in the mail. Other capabilities, such as digital transfers, allow you to move money quickly with ease.

“You no longer need to wait in line to cash a check anymore,” Shaffer says. “Now, for simple transactions, you can just sit at your desk and snap a picture of the check, or you can go online to pay a bill, and then get back to work.”

Some banks offer more robust digital banking services that provide customers with even greater convenience. For example, you may have access to money management tools, such as Regions’ My GreenInsights, that help you track and manage your accounts in one place. When you need cash fast, you may be able to get same-day access (for a small fee) to remotely deposited funds.

The Assurance of a Familiar Face

While you may value the convenience of digital banking, you will still want to maintain a relationship with an experienced professional banker. Speaking directly with a banker can help you understand information you may need when making important financial decisions.

“People still want personal interaction. They still need advice and guidance around their finances,” Shaffer says. “We’re spending less time taking care of simple transactions, which gives us more time to talk about the things that are really important to people.”

And if you’re anxious about financial issues — such as setting up a college savings plan for your children or creating an emergency fund — a trained banker with the knowledge and experience to address your concerns can help guide you through your next steps.

The Best of Both Worlds

Some banking services combine the accessibility of digital banking with the personal touch of in-person branch banking. Video teller machines (VTMs) enable you to interact with a banker via a machine similar to an ATM — you speak directly to a banker who is ready to help you. Video tellers are able to provide services that are unavailable from ATMs, such as enhanced withdrawal features, in addition to answering questions you may have about your accounts. Additionally, these banking services may be available when most bank branches are closed.

“This is an example of mixing the old and new and offering the perfect mix to the customer,” Shaffer says. “It’s about being able to serve our customers in more ways.”

From online checking accounts to financial guidance, the possibilities of accessible banking are endless. Ready to take the next step? Consider these ways that online banking can help improve your finances.


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