For Fintech, the Future is Now

Whether it’s casually splitting a check or carefully managing a trust, new technology is making managing finances simpler.

When most people think of e-commerce and fintech (financial technology), they’re likely to think of things like virtual currencies, such as bitcoin, or advanced algorithmic trading schemes. But the fact is that fintech has already entered our daily lives, offering new advantages and opportunities.

Simplifying complex portfolios

As customers begin to expect more personalized and holistic financial experiences, fintech is delivering improvements not only with day-to-day transactions but also with complex financial matters. Regions, for instance, is rolling out the Regions Wealth Platform (RWP), a new online interface that makes trust and investment management more accessible and transparent for customers.

RWP will let our clients check important trust-related information and even perform vital account management functions from almost anywhere, using Regions’ secure cloud-based technology. “It provides a state of the art digital interface for our clients,” says Kate Randall Danella, Head of Regions Private Wealth Management. “Many transactions are made more quickly, and advisors can respond to client needs more efficiently.”

“With this new banking technology, Regions Wealth Management professionals can spend less time on paperwork and more time creating tailored solutions to help clients reach their goals and objectives,” says Andy Hernandez, Head of Regions eBusiness. “After all, the role of fintech—really any banking technology—should be to simplify customers’ lives, to make life better.”

Eliminating IOU moments

Even once-casual transactions that were traditionally considered cash-based—like buying an antique lamp at a flea market—can now be handled by digital e-wallets like Regions Personal Pay®.

Another example: Think of those semi-awkward moments when you split a check or share a cab with a friend—one of you picks up the tab, while the other promises to repay what’s owed at some point in the future. “With the emergence of digital wallets, you can make personal and previously cash-only payments on the spot, with just your phone,” says Hernandez.

And Regions is part of that digital-wallet movement. With Regions Personal Pay®, you can send money from your account to anyone with a U.S. bank account, quickly and securely. All you need is that person’s email address or mobile phone number. When you send the funds, they’ll receive an email or text message with instructions on how to claim them through the Popmoney® network.

Regions knows that when bringing cutting-edge banking technology to customers, the first priority is that it is both secure and accessible. That’s the only way for these advances to become more than just bells and whistles, but a new and improved part of everyday life.


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