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Know What's Important

You've worked hard to build your wealth. So it's good to know that the insurance market offers coverage for every type of risk — from protecting your loved ones to protecting your unique assets and income streams.

Account for Your Family's Needs

Take into account the unique needs of your family situation. Think strategically about how you can manage and minimize taxes. Remember to account for variables as diverse as aging parents, healthcare, special-needs children, inheritance and gifting, trust and estate planning.

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Protect What You Value

Maintain coverage for each major risk your family faces such as property loss, death, disability or business/professional liability. You may need up to 10 times your income in life insurance depending on your situation and advice from a licensed financial advisor or agent.

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Manage Your Capital

Make an initial estimate of the capital you'll need to fund your retirement plan. Review and adjust your capital plan periodically to account for risks like market fluctuations, healthcare costs and living expenses.

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