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Elections and Your Wealth

Politics — And Perspective

With the midterm Congressional elections weeks away, Americans are being bombarded with political ads and campaign promises. These promises — if they manage to get enacted given today's gridlock in Washington — could affect your wealth and financial planning.

It's essential, of course, to put politics in perspective when it comes to wealth management. Public policy and the makeup of Congress change continually, but the tenets of sound wealth management generally don't. Having a well-diversified portfolio will always reduce risk and increase the odds your portfolio can weather whatever happens in Washington or the world at large.

That said, every so often a new federal, state or local law comes along that does greatly impact your investment portfolio, your taxes, your retirement income, your estate plans or a business you own.

This edition of Insights focuses on how politics intersects with wealth management. The cover story ("Elections and Your Wealth," page 8) features four key policy issues that could affect your wealth in the coming months and years. Following that, in Regions' Perspective, we explain how your Wealth Advisor can help you address political uncertainty in your investment portfolio and overall wealth management. Legacy ("Eye on Estate Planning," page 16) and Your Business ("Talking Points," page 14) then delve into specific legislative proposals that could affect estate plans and business owners, respectively, in the years ahead.

As 2014 winds down, now is also the ideal time to consider how to reduce your 2014 tax bill. We lay out five tax-saving strategies to discuss with Regions ("5 Smart Year-End Financial Moves," page 5).

Don't let the noise and uncertainty of election season deter you from preparing for the future. Because politics intersects with so many aspects of wealth — from investments to estate planning to business operations — you need specialized guidance. Regions can build a team of experts to help you navigate each of these areas.

Wealth Intelligence - Midterm Elections & Market Performance

How midterm elections affect the stock market; a new Supreme Court ruling on inherited IRAs; 5 year-end moves that can lower your 2014 tax bill; and 5 destinations related to U.S. politics worth checking out. p4

In Retirement - Managing Medicare

When it comes to paying for healthcare in retirement, how do you choose between a Medigap supplemental plan and a Medicare Advantage plan? We explain. p7

Cover Story - Elections and Your Wealth

With the midterm elections and 2016 presidential race approaching, we look at four key issues in Washington that could affect your wealth in the years ahead. p8

Regions' Perspective - Beyond the Horse Race

Your Regions Wealth Advisor can help you address political uncertainty and get the specialized guidance you need. p13

Your Business - Talking Points

We explore four key political issues, including immigration reform and tax reform, that could affect business owners in the coming years. p14

Legacy - Eye on Estate Planning

Several proposals for changing estate tax laws, personal trusts and inherited retirement accounts emerged from Washington in recent years. We explain how these proposals, if enacted, could affect your estate planning. p16

Spotlight - Take the Lead

Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, explains why so few women run for office, why it matters and what can be done about it. p18


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