Insights Magazine Fall Issue: 2015 Women & Wealth Study Results

Insights Magazine Fall Issue: 2015 Women & Wealth Study Results

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The Results Are In

The financial status of women in the United States is rapidly improving. Today, more U.S. women than men are graduating from college, and about one-third of women earn more money than their husbands.

The future looks even brighter: It’s estimated that by 2030 women will account for two-thirds of our nation’s wealth.

Despite these advancements, however, there’s still an unfortunate reality: Many women don’t feel as prepared or confident as men when it comes to managing money.

To better understand this concern, we recently unveiled our 2015 Regions Women and Wealth Study. This first-ever wealth study looks at how women approach money management and how their confidence levels and behaviors differ from those of men. The results offer some surprises—and opportunities.

We've devoted this issue of Insights to highlighting the Women and Wealth Study and exploring the many opportunities women have to strengthen their financial future. We also explain how married couples can work together to ensure both spouses are equally prepared.

Wealth Intelligence
How men and women approach financial security differently; strategies women can use to bolster their investing confidence; five tips for achieving work-life balance. p3

In Retirement - Longevity Matters
Women should factor the potential of living beyond 90 or 100 in their financial planning. We offer strategies for how women can ensure their wealth lasts as long as they need. p6

Spotlight - Building Her Empire
Stacey Whidden, a Tampa, Florida-based entrepreneur, explains how she created several successful businesses in the healthcare and insurance industries, how she manages work-life balance and what advice she has for other women. p7

Cover Story - Raising Financially Savvy Women
The best financial education starts at a young age. We look at best practices to help parents, grandparents and other relatives instill smart financial behaviors in young women. p8

Regions’ Perspective - Empower Yourself
Steps single and married women can take to better control and manage their financial future. p11

Your Business-  The Power of the Female Dollar
Women’s financial power is growing, and businesses are wise to pay attention and make sure they do enough to cater to both men and women. p12

Legacy - After an Inheritance
Women are the likely benefactors of the $36 trillion to be bequeathed between 2007 and 2061. We explain how women can prepare for and protect a large inheritance or other cash windfall. p14


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