Insights Magazine Spring 2014

Insights offers Regions Private Wealth Management's perspective on current economic issues, wealth strategies, your business, retirement and planning tactics. Download Insights Magazine Spring 2014 Issue.

Designing a Retirement Income Plan

Investing in Your Future

Whether you're planning for retirement or another specific financial goal, it's essential that your assets be invested as wisely and effectively as possible.

Beyond our helpful cover story on retirement income planning, this issue explores various ways that your Regions can guide you no matter what stage of life you're in. In NextGen (“Building Your Wealth,” page 7) we provide tips for how adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s can create an investment strategy geared to long-term growth. In Legacy (“After the Break,” page 16), we explain how people going through a divorce can manage the financial aspects of it. And in Your Business (“Borrow Right,” page 14), Joe DiNicolantonio, head of Regions Business Banking, looks at the various considerations and options business owners have when getting a loan.

We wrap up this issue with a fascinating Spotlight interview with Harold Sirkin, managing director and senior partner at The Boston Consulting Group (“Made in the U.S.A.,” page 18). Sirkin offers his thought-provoking perspective on the growth potential for U.S. manufacturing and what it means for U.S. business leaders and entrepreneurs.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition of Insights and find it both interesting and informative.

Wealth Intelligence

How to protect yourself when investing in privately held businesses; why high earners have a harder time replacing income in retirement; tips for bond investors as interest rates rise; a look at the true costs of boat ownership. p4

NextGen - Building Your Wealth

Here's a look at five asset allocation tips that can help investors in their 20s, 30s and 40s position their portfolios for long-term growth. p7

Cover Story - Designing a Retirement Income Plan

Deciding how you'll generate income and invest during your retirement years helps you live out the retirement you want while preserving your wealth. We explain how Regions can help you build such a plan. p8

Regions' Perspective - A Closer Look

A Regions Wealth Assessment® can help you and your Wealth Advisor better address your retirement income needs and design an effective plan. p13

Your Business - Borrow Right

Before you take out a loan or pursue other financing for your business, understand your options. Joe DiNicolantonio, head of Regions Business Banking, explains the key considerations. p14

Legacy - After the Break

We lay out strategies for improving your financial situation and protecting your loved ones after a divorce. p16

Spotlight - Made in the U.S.A.

Why is U.S. manufacturing making a comeback and what does it mean for business leaders today? Harold Sirkin of The Boston Consulting Group explains his research. p18


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