Insights Magazine Spring 2015

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Reinventing Retirement: The Second Act

The baby boomers have started to retire, but their dreams aren’t so idle. Unlike any generation before them, the boomers view retirement as an exciting new chapter of life in which they can pursue all the activities, adventures or even second careers they’ve delayed for so long.

This issue of Insights explores how the baby boomers and the generations that follow them are redefining retirement, thanks to increasing longevity and healthcare advancements that are making “old age” seem not so old anymore.

Beyond retirement, this issue also looks at how business owners can hold on to their best employees in today’s competitive job market. Susan Hengel, head of organizational effectiveness for Regions, explains strategies employers can use to better engage and retain their most valued workers.

We also provide some tips for keeping your estate plans, including your assets, insurance policies and trusts, updated.

Finally, we’re thrilled to feature an interview with Sallie Krawcheck, a former Wall Street executive and leading voice among women in corporate America. Krawcheck now runs an organization called Ellevate, which helps professional women advance their careers and has a mutual fund that invests in companies with a high proportion of females among their executive ranks. We’re proud that Regions is among the companies recognized for investing in women and their financial success.

Wealth Intelligence - Retirement Activities

How retirees spend their time compared to workers; why Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities can help shield your portfolio from price increases; strategies women can use to maximize Social Security in retirement; and how to find deals on your next international getaway. p4

NextGen - Investing With Impact

Socially responsible investments are hot, but how do you incorporate them into your portfolio most effectively? p7

Cover Story - Reinventing Retirement

It’s not your grandmother’s retirement. Baby boomers and younger generations are redefining retirement and planning for more active and fulfilling "second acts." We explain what this could mean for you. p8

Regions' Perspective - Your Retirement Road Map

Your Wealth Advisor can help you build a retirement plan that reflects your interests and goals while also preserving your wealth. p13

Your Business - Keep the Best

With the job market heating up again, business owners must consider how to retain their best workers. We provide tips on how to motivate your top employees to stay. p14

Legacy - A Legacy Review

Affluent individuals and couples should perform a checkup on their estate plan and trusts at least once a year. Here are some key points to review. p16

Spotlight - Investing in Women

Sallie Krawcheck, once among the most powerful women on Wall Street, now runs an organization that promotes the career advancement of women. Krawcheck offers advice on how women can achieve professional success and reach their goals. p18


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