Insights Magazine Spring 2017

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The more unpredictable the world seems, the more you gravitate toward things that endure, such as family ties. Many Regions clients feel this way, too. That’s why in this issue you’ll find such articles as “The Modern Family Legacy” (page 6) and “3 Questions to Ask About Trusts” (page 12), which examine the many ways to create and perpetuate a meaningful legacy across generations.

Elsewhere, you’ll learn about unique legacy-building questions facing women (“Ways for Women to Kickstart Their Legacy — Now,” page 1), and also find personal perspective on what it takes to run a 90-year-old, family-owned dude ranch in the 21st century (“At Home on the Range,” page 13). Consider how to find the right leader as you hand over the reins of your family business (“Choosing Your Company’s Successor,” page 10), and how to translate your legacy into lasting gifts (“A Legacy Within Reach,” page 2).

With the new administration in Washington, Chief Investment Officer for Regions Asset Management Alan McKnight and I talk about major issues, including policy and taxes, likely to affect the country and our clients in the coming months and years (“What Washington’s Changes Could Mean,” page 4). You’ll also find some guidance on the practical side of taking on debt to pay for your kids’ college education (“To Borrow or Not for College,” page 3).

HERStory: Women and Legacies

Creating a legacy as a woman brings its own unique set of challenges. Here’s how to manage. P1

Cybersecurity and Your Family

Tips for keeping your family safe on the internet. P2

A Legacy Within Reach

Make a statement and help your values endure, beginning with a few hundred dollars. P2

To Borrow or Not for College

Options for financing your child’s college education. P3

Washington Outlook

Regions insight about how potential tax, health and regulatory reform may affect your portfolio. P4

The Modern Family Legacy

With a bit of foresight and planning, family values can endure for generations. P6

Choosing Your Company’s Successor

Steps to help you identify the right person to bring the company you built into the next generation. P10

3 Questions to Ask About Trusts

Trusts can help you protect wealth and leave more to people and causes you love. Here’s what to consider. P12

At Home on the Range

A scion of America’s last national park dude ranch reflects on his family’s 90-year legacy. P13


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