Insights Magazine Summer 2013

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With all the news about economic growth, it’s sometimes easy to forget about risk. But it only takes one event — one wake-up call — to show the importance of covering all the bases in your wealth management plan.

Looking to the Future

With all the news about economic growth, it's sometimes easy to forget about risk. But it only takes one event — one wake-up call — to show the importance of covering all the bases in your wealth management plan.

Our cover story in this edition of Insights ("Five Long-Term Challenges to Your Wealth," page 8) explores five significant risks affluent families and individuals may face, from the direction of federal and state taxes to the financial threats of a natural disaster or serious lawsuit. Bill Ritter, Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Regions Wealth Management, explains the importance of managing these risks and then provides strategies for addressing them.

In Regions' Perspective ("Stay Protected, Move Ahead," page 13), we look at how our innovative Regions Wealth Assessment® provides a snapshot of your assets to help you uncover ways to both better protect and maximize your wealth.

In Your Business ("Reining in Cash," page 14), Ward Cheatham, Executive Vice President of Regions' Commercial Banking unit, lays out five best practices for managing cash in today's recovering economy. Regions' Commercial division is a strong partner of our Private Wealth Management group and offers businesses a range of customized services, from financing to treasury management to foreign exchange. Coordinating with Regions, its relationship managers can help business owners review their financial goals and find solutions to help strengthen their competitive position.

Finally, we end this issue with a heartfelt Spotlight interview ("Beyond the Bike," page 18) with professional motorbike racer Kevin Windham and his wife Dottie. Kevin talks about the challenges of retiring from his beloved sport at age 35 and how he plans to reinvent his career so that, in his words, "my best days aren't behind me." He explains his decision to develop a chain of health club franchises and how his Regions Wealth Advisor, Paul Harris, helped him create a stronger vision of his future.

We can all relate to the idea of wanting our future to be better than our past. Your financial plan is key to ensuring that happens.

Wealth Intelligence - Alternatives Go Mainstream

Alternative investments don't seem so alternative anymore; "flash sale" sites crop up in the luxury market; a survey explores how much umbrella liability coverage affluent families carry and how they view risk. p4

C-Suite - Retirement Revisited 

Executives may be rethinking their retirement plans in today's uncertain economy. Here are three questions to ask yourself before leaving your job. p7

Cover Story - 5 Long-Term Challenges to Your Wealth

Beyond the short-term challenges of managing money in today's economy, it's important to keep an eye on several long-term challenges. Here's a look at ongoing risks to your wealth and insights about how to mitigate them. p8

Regions' Perspective - Stay Protected, Move Ahead

An essential part of wealth management is risk management. Regions' Leslie Carter-Prall explains how the innovative Regions Wealth Assessment® process can help. p13

Your Business - Reining in Cash 

In today's slow-growth economy, cash remains king. Ward Cheatham, Head of Regions' Commercial Banking unit, explains best practices for maximizing cash flow. p14

Legacy - Backing Up Mom and Dad 

Aging parents may need help managing their finances. Here are tips for providing financial assistance with sensitivity. p16

Spotlight - Beyond the Bike 

World-renowned motorbike racer Kevin Windham and his wife Dottie talk about retirement from professional racing, their future and growing a health-club franchise. p18


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