Insights Magazine Summer 2015

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Family Matters

Smart wealth planning isn't just about you and your financial needs. It also addresses the long-term needs of your family — both your loved ones living today and future generations.

This issue of Insights explores various ways to help your family plan better for the future. Our cover story ("5 Lessons for Creating a Family Legacy," page 8) lays out key steps for ensuring your wealth is passed along efficiently and effectively. You can read more about the family legacy meeting process mentioned above in Regions’ Perspective (page 11). And Your Business ("Next in Line," page 12) looks at tax-efficient strategies for passing along a family-owned business.

Don't postpone key conversations and decisions that will affect your family's financial future. Contact your Wealth Advisor about setting up a family legacy meeting, so you can feel confident you will have a plan in place when you need it.

Wealth Intelligence - When Bulls Run
How the recent bull market stacks up against previous ones; strategies for preparing your portfolio in case of a market downturn; why women outspend men on healthcare; and how to keep your mind fit as you age. p3

C-Suite - All on Board
Thinking about joining a nonprofit's board? Ask these questions first. p6

Spotlight - 70 Is the New 40
Technology expert Sonia Arrison explains how advancements in healthcare could affect longevity, retirement and family. p7

Cover Story - 5 Lessons for Creating A Family Legacy
Many affluent families want to ensure they preserve and pass along their wealth effectively, yet many make missteps along the way. We outline five key steps for preparing your legacy and creating a solid foundation for future generations. p8

Regions' Perspective - A Family Legacy Meeting
Your Wealth Advisor can facilitate a family legacy meeting that addresses key wealth-planning topics and prepares your family for the future. p11

Your Business - Next in Line
Business owners planning to keep their business family-owned have several techniques for passing it along tax-efficiently. p12

Legacy - Stepping Up
Capital gains taxes are a larger concern for affluent families today. We look at one key strategy for minimizing capital gains in your estate. p14


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