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Women & Investing: A Fresh Perspective

The rising economic power of women is one of the great stories of our time. But even so, women remain less confident than men when it comes to making important financial decisions. Regions’ HerVision HerLegacy initiative seeks to address exactly that. The initiative is aimed at empowering women to feel confident about their current and future success—and at helping them make informed financial decisions along the way. That’s why this issue of Insights focuses on inspiring women to take ownership of their financial lives. "Women & Investing: A Fresh Perspective" (page 6) explores the valuable outlook women bring to finances. Meanwhile, "Mothers, Daughters & Money" (page 8) offers thoughts on smart ways to engage the next generation of women.

Elsewhere, we look at ways women are reshaping philanthropy ("Women Investors Are Driving Social Change," page 3) and offer some financial tips for newlyweds ("Are You Ready to Talk Money Together?" page 1). And whether you’ve been married three months or 30 years, "A Few Things Couples Should Know About Financial Risk" (page 4) will help you manage life’s challenges. Then find out how one entrepreneurial couple handles the pressures of marriage and their shared business ("My Lawfully Wedded Business Partner," page 13).

The Money Talk

How couples can align goals before marriage. p1

Family Philanthropy

Two family-friendly giving methods that can help reinforce values, traditions and your family legacy. p2

Social Security Bonus?

Waiting before you claim can increase benefits, but women might receive a larger boost than men. p3

Woman for Social Change

What women look for when selecting investments. p3

Financial Risk for Couples

A medical crisis or job loss can strain finances. These tips can help couples prepare for the unexpected. p4

Women and Investing

Women often have a unique approach to finances that could provide lessons for all investors. p6

Tangible Value of Phantom Stock

These special shares can help you retain employees, maintain company control and plan your exit. p10

The Strong Dollar

A Regions professional provides insight on the fluctuating value of the dollar and how it may affect you. p12

Lawfully Wedded Business Partner

This husband/wife team shares how they succeed in managing their company – and marriage. p13


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