Insights Magazine Winter 2014

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Investing in 2014

Investing Expertise Tailored To You

The U.S. economy and equity markets have recovered considerably, and that leaves investors with questions and challenges for the year ahead: Will U.S. stocks continue to outperform in 2014? How do you ensure your unique financial plan is best positioned for the future?

This edition of Insights explores the financial opportunities investors have today, as well as explaining how Regions can help fulfill them. In our cover story ("Investing in 2014," page 8), Regions Investment Management leaders provide their outlook for the U.S. economy, stocks, bonds and alternative investments in the year ahead. They explain the challenges investors may face, such as rising interest rates and a maturing U.S. bull market, and provide insights on how to confront them.

Following that, in Regions' Perspective ("Solutions That Fit," page 13), Jim Nonnengard, President of Regions Investment Services, explains how you can access a broad range of personalized investment expertise and services through Regions. Whether you're looking to identify investments that meet specific goals, set up a 529 college-savings plan for a child or grandchild or generate more income from your assets, Regions can be your resource.

Wealth Intelligence

Strategies for generating more income on cash as interest rates rise; how a Regions Wealth Assessment® can help you improve your portfolio for 2014; a state-by-state breakdown of how housing prices have recovered since the recession; tips for investing in fine wines. p4

Your Practice- Defining Your Needs

A defined-benefit plan can help private practice professionals save more for retirement and defer more taxes. But first you should consider the pros and cons. p7

Cover Story- Investing in 2014

What's in store for the U.S. economy and markets in 2014? How are stocks and bonds likely to perform? Three Regions Investment Management leaders provide their outlook for the year ahead and guidance for investors. p8

Regions' Perspective- Solutions That Fit

As the New Year begins, it's a perfect time to review your investment objectives and strategy. Jim Nonnengard, President of Regions Investment Services, explains the broad range of investment expertise you can access through your Wealth Advisor. p13

Your Business- Planning Your Exit

Postponing key decisions about your business's future can cost you. Here are steps business owners should take to help protect their long-term financial security. p14

Legacy- A Lifetime of Care

Parents of a child with a physical or mental disability may want to consider establishing a special needs trust. p16

Spotlight- Playing to Win

Baseball legend Cal Ripken, Jr. shares the keys to his successful career. p18


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