Insights Magazine Winter 2015

Insights is a quarterly wealth publication exclusive to Regions Private Wealth Management clients. The publication offers our perspectives on current economic issues, wealth strategies, your business, retirement and planning tactics. Download Insights Magazine Winter 2015 Issue.

Preparing for 2015 — and Beyond

Investors had much to cheer about in 2014. The U.S. economy grew nicely, real estate continued to stabilize and U.S. stocks and bonds saw healthy gains. But all that good news leaves us with questions for 2015: Can the bull market continue its lengthy run? How will markets react to the Fed's expected interest-rate hike later this year? Where can investors still find value?

This issue of Insights addresses those questions – and more.

In our cover story ("Investing in 2015," page 8), Regions top investment management experts offer their outlook on the U.S. economy and markets. They look at which sectors will likely outperform this year and how investors can prepare their portfolio.

In Regions' Perspective ("New Year, New Tools," page 13), we look at recent enhancements to the Regions Wealth Assessment process used by your Wealth Advisor. We've added new features and calculators that make the RWA even more valuable to you and your family.

In the new year, we've also considered how to make Insights magazine even more useful to our readers. We know that many women take a lead role in managing finances, but often have unique financial concerns and questions. For this reason, we've added a regular column to our "Wealth Intelligence section called "Women & Wealth." Here, we'll feature tips and trends to help women stay informed about financial issues and wealth-management best practices that are important to them.

Lastly, we know many families today are thinking not just about their finances in 2015, but also for the years ahead. Ensuring wealth gets passed along smoothly and efficiently to the next generation is a top concern we hear again and again. Our Legacy column in this issue ("A Motivating Factor," page 16) looks at incentive trusts and how they can help parents and grandparents encourage positive behaviors and decisions among younger heirs, while our Spotlight interview with Cathy Davidson looks at the future of higher education and what it means for a family's financial planning.

Wealth Intelligence

Where to find value in real estate in 2015; the pros and cons of investing in hedge funds; a look at how women compare to men in earnings and savings; and five tools to help you negotiate a deal on your next auto purchase. p4

Your Practice - Do You Need Cyber Coverage?

We look at how insurance can protect your practice in case of a cyber breach and offer tips for finding the right policy. p7

Cover Story - Investing in 2015

Regions' investment management experts highlight their outlook for the U.S. economy and investment markets and explain how investors can prepare their portfolio. p8

Regions' Perspective - New Year, New Tools

The Regions Wealth Assessment process—which helps you align your wealth plan with your goals and risk tolerance—was recently enhanced with some new features. p13

Your Business - The Diversification Challenge

Business owners' wealth is often highly concentrated in one enterprise—their own. We explain diversification strategies for business owners to reduce long-term risks to their wealth. p14

Legacy - A Motivating Factor

Incentive trusts can be a useful tool for encouraging positive behaviors and decisions among your heirs. But it's important they are set up correctly. p16

Spotlight - The Future of College

Cathy Davison, director of the Futures Initiative at City University of New York, forecasts the future of higher education in America and what it means to families. p18


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