Insights Magazine Winter 2016

Insights is a quarterly wealth publication exclusive to Regions Private Wealth Management clients. The publication offers our perspectives on current economic issues, wealth strategies, your business, retirement and planning tactics. Download Insights Magazine Winter 2016 Issue.

Making Plans for 2016

After a volatile 2015, now is a great time to re-evaluate your financial plan and make sure it's still aligned with your risk tolerance and long-term goals.

It's natural to worry about the markets, economy and other daily headlines, but don't let the "noise" scare you into making rash decisions with your money. It's best to focus on building a plan that meets your long-term financial objectives and stick with it. Having a well-designed plan makes it easier to tune out the noise and feel more confident.

This issue of Insights provides valuable information on what the markets and economy may bring in 2016.

Wealth Intelligence

Investments that can diversify your portfolio; five key questions to ask your Wealth Advisor in the new year; what matters most to women when selecting investments; how to appraise a family heirloom or collectible. p3

Your Practice: Partnering Up

The decision to bring on a new partner at a professional practice shouldn't be taken lightly. Here are considerations to make first. p6

Spotlight: Giving Trends

Jacob Harold, CEO of charitable research organization GuideStar, looks at current trends in philanthropy, and how affluent individuals and families can give more effectively.p7

Cover Story: Investing in 2016

What's in store for the markets and economy in the year ahead? Alan McKnight, Chief Investment Officer of Regions Wealth Management, provides his 2016 outlook and what it could mean for investors. p8

Regions' Perspective: Putting a Plan Into Action

How the Regions Wealth Planning Group can help you build a stronger wealth plan for 2016 — and the years ahead. p11

Your Business: The Borrowing Climate

With interest rate hikes and other economic changes on the horizon, we look at how companies can fine-tune their borrowing strategies and take advantage of the current lending environment. p12

Legacy: Your Life Policy

Whole life insurance can be a valuable estate-planning tool when used correctly. We look at why and how to implement it into your long-term planning. p14


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