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Hear our experienced Wealth professionals discuss today’s big financial topics—from personal finance and retirement strategies to managing investments and business expansion.

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Each episode features a new challenge and fresh insights from a
Regions Bank Wealth professional.


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Episode 19: Discussing Estate Planning with Aging Parents

Estate planning is a difficult topic for many families to broach. Find tips for navigating conversations with aging parents in this podcast.

Episode 18: Protecting Your Finances after a Data Breach

According to Javelin's 2019 Identity Fraud Study, new account fraud is up 13%. And if your personal information has ever been exposed in a data breach, you may be at an increased risk. In this episode of Regions Wealth Podcast, Chief Information Security Officer Jeff Kennedy joins us to discuss the steps individuals should take if their information has been exposed in a data breach and provide fraud prevention tips.

Episode 17: Choosing a Wealth Advisor: Should You Go Digital?

With the rise of robo-advisors and self-directed investing platforms, it can be tempting to take portfolio management into your own hands. This episode will discuss the differences between self-investing and utilizing a Portfolio Manager and the benefits of working with an advisor.

Episode 16: The Nanny Diaries

One in three U.S. families spend 20% or more of their household income on childcare. Even for wealthy families this can be a major expense -- or at least a major budgeting adjustment. How can you plan for this type of expense, and what solutions exist?

Episode 15: Managing Investments with Your Partner

Many people struggle with how to manage finances in a marriage. Should one person handle them, or should it be a joint effort?

Special Episode - How Can I Protect My Business?

The impact of the coronavirus is felt by small businesses and corporations alike. We go beyond the coronavirus relief options available for business owners, focusing on steps one can take to safeguard their business.

Special Episode - Investing in a Volatile Market

Join us as we discuss how the markets have been affected by COVID-19, what investors should know, and how the current conditions may impact their investments.

Special Episode - The Financial Impact of COVID-19

The potential short-term and long-term financial implications of COVID-19, and what steps should I take to help safeguard my finances?

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Episode 14: The Pay Gap in Retirement

When it comes to retirement planning, women have a few unique considerations ranging from longer life expectancy to the impact of the gender pay gap on their retirement savings.

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Episode 13: Planning for Adoption Costs

The expenses associated with adopting a child can be steep, and costs can vary widely based upon a variety of factors.

Episode 12: Know Your Stock Options

So, you’ve received employee stock options or sweat equity as part of your compensation package — now what?

Episode 11: Financially Confident Women

From addressing the persistent pay gap for women to teaching girls about the importance of investing, hear some of the barriers to women’s financial confidence and how to overcome them.

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Richard Moody's Economic Update

Having access to economic information aids in making sound decisions. At Regions, we want to provide you with the best information that we have available. Richard Moody, Chief Economist at Regions, provides monthly commentary and data to give an outlook to our current economic state.

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