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Hear our experienced Wealth professionals discuss today’s big financial topics—from personal finance and retirement strategies to managing investments and business expansion.

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Each episode features a new challenge and fresh insights from a
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Wealth Podcast Episode 28

Episode 28: Turning Inherited Land into Revenue

This episode will explore how a property manager can help inexperienced land owners with alternative investments like land, oil and gas, etc., particularly those who may have inherited land unexpectedly.

Episode 27: The Secret to Early Retirement

This episode will discuss the goal of early retirement, exploring the type of strategy and tactics an individual would need to put into place to retire before the age of 60.

Episode 26: The Benefits of an Endowment

As times change, expenses rise, competing fundraising events proliferate, and enthusiasm for legacy events wanes, endowments are more important than ever. This episode will discuss how to structure your endowment for the long-term success of your nonprofit.

Episode 25: Money on Music Row

Those in the music industry have their own unique set of financial needs. Multiple sources of income ranging from tours to royalties can make financial planning challenging. This episode will discuss what singers, songwriters, and others in the music industry can do to prepare financially, and the steps they should take to safeguard their future.

Episode 24: Keeping the Family Farm

In recent years, the age of the average American farmer has risen to 58 years old. As aging farmers approach retirement, they often find themselves without a younger family member willing and interested to take over the farm. This episode will discuss some of the options that retiring farmers have.

Episode 23: Estate Planning Without Heirs

For those who choose to remain unmarried and have opted to not have children, estate planning can be difficult. This episode will cover the unique estate planning needs of individuals with no heirs, from choosing a power of attorney or executor to steps to take to safeguard your estate.

Episode 22: Spotting the Signs of an Investment Scam

Investment scams don't just happen to the ultra-wealthy; investors of all income brackets are at risk. Listen to learn warning signs of investment fraud.

Episode 21: Working with a Wealth Advisor

Considering working with a wealth advisor but unsure what to expect? Listen to this podcast for answers to common questions and how to get started.

Episode 20: Balancing Parenthood and Employment

Putting your career on hold for family can majorly impact retirement planning. Find tips for balancing parenthood and employment in this podcast.

Episode 19: Discussing Estate Planning with Aging Parents

Estate planning is a difficult topic for many families to broach. Find tips for navigating conversations with aging parents in this podcast.

Episode 18: Protecting Your Finances after a Data Breach

According to Javelin's 2019 Identity Fraud Study, new account fraud is up 13%. And if your personal information has ever been exposed in a data breach, you may be at an increased risk. In this episode of Regions Wealth Podcast, Chief Information Security Officer Jeff Kennedy joins us to discuss the steps individuals should take if their information has been exposed in a data breach and provide fraud prevention tips.

Episode 17: Choosing a Wealth Advisor: Should You Go Digital?

With the rise of robo-advisors and self-directed investing platforms, it can be tempting to take portfolio management into your own hands. This episode will discuss the differences between self-investing and utilizing a Portfolio Manager and the benefits of working with an advisor.

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Richard Moody's Economic Update

Having access to economic information aids in making sound decisions. At Regions, we want to provide you with the best information that we have available. Richard Moody, Chief Economist at Regions, provides monthly commentary and data to give an outlook to our current economic state.

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Our latest podcast series features Regions professionals sharing timely information and strategies to help your business navigate challenges, prepare for the future and make the most of opportunities on the horizon.

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