Community Overview

Charitable Giving

Our main focus areas for giving are Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health & Human Services, and Arts & Culture. We place high priority on financial literacy, affordable housing, job creation, revitalization efforts, assistance to Americans with disabilities, outreach to veterans/service member organizations and essential services for low-to-moderate income individuals and areas.

Our associate volunteer program, What a Difference a Day Makes, complements our charitable giving efforts by allowing associates at all levels in the company an opportunity to volunteer in their communities. To encourage associates to give their time and talents, Regions gives them one paid day off each year to work at a community organization or school. We also match each of an associates' gifts to nonprofit organizations up to $1,000 annually.

Financial Education for Communities

We are only as strong as the communities we serve. To develop future community leaders and help people make smarter financial choices, Regions teaches financial education basics to children and young adults by bringing age-appropriate financial lessons into classrooms for elementary, middle school, high school and college students.  By partnering with companies like Scholastic and organizations like Junior Achievement, we are making a positive difference in helping others plan for their financial futures.

Regions supports student athlete initiatives with colleges throughout our markets with a scholar athlete financial education game that is an app for iPhone, iPad and Android. The game teaches banking fundamentals while students putt and drive their way through life as an amateur collegiate golfer. We also partner with the colleges to offer financial education to student athletes and incoming freshman – a unique opportunity provided by Regions.

By providing our communities with financial education in a variety of formats and channels, we are living our values and helping those we serve make better financial decisions.

Community Reinvestment

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) ensures that banks meet the credit needs of all segments of the communities they serve — including low- and moderate-income areas and individuals — through safe and sound banking practices. Established in 1977 to prevent banks from purposely excluding certain areas and people, the CRA has grown into a useful tool for banks to become better lenders, better community developers, and better corporate citizens.

The expectations of the CRA are embedded in Regions' corporate culture and its strategy of working to create shared value for customers, associates, shareholders and communities.

CRA-qualified community development activities revolve around lending, investment and service. Activities that support affordable housing initiatives, small business growth, job creation, neighborhood revitalization, economic stability, disaster recovery, financial education and other community services aimed at improving life for low- and moderate-income people are all important elements of the bank's CRA commitment.

Strategic placement of Regions' branch network to make banking services easily accessible to low- and moderate-income neighborhoods is an objective of CRA. So are contributions of financial support and of volunteer services by bank associates who use their financial expertise to help nonprofit organizations further their missions of serving low- and moderate-income communities.

Regulators from the Federal Reserve periodically evaluate Regions' CRA performance in lending, investment and service, conducting exams and issuing a rating of either outstanding, satisfactory, needs to improve, or substantial noncompliance. These evaluations and ratings are made public.

Regions strives to achieve a satisfactory or outstanding CRA rating on these exams in part because a lower rating can lead regulators to prevent the bank from opening branches, pursuing mergers, or launching new products or businesses, and it can damage the bank's reputation. In addition, the corporate culture at Regions includes a strong belief that performing well in CRA activities is the right thing to do to make life better for the customers and communities the bank serves.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Regions, we know our success is tied directly to the success of our customers, communities and associates. This means we are committed to growing our communities and helping our customers reach their financial goals and life aspirations.

Regions Corporate Social Responsibility guides how we partner with motivated individuals and organizations to find opportunities to create shared value and generate positive change. For us, it's about using our time, our talent and our resources to do more to make life better.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility team coordinates, tracks and reports Regions' ongoing work on diversity and inclusion, disaster response, environmental sustainability and associate volunteer efforts. We are proud of our positive impact on our communities.


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