Americans with Disabilities Act

Our Commitment to Accessibility

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights landmark that was enacted in 1990. It prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life and has significantly improved the way people with disabilities are treated. In nearly every aspect of daily living, from workplaces and schools to businesses and all forms of transportation, equal access to everything from physical locations to online services is now considered a fundamental right and expectation throughout the United States.

Regions supports the ADA as it continues to transform American society for the better. We work diligently to ensure that all of our customers, including those with disabilities, can enjoy banking independently, with ease and on their own terms. We continually look for ways to improve the accessibility of Regions facilities and services. We also respond in a timely manner to any suggestions or complaints that create opportunities for us to make life better for people with disabilities. Regions is involved in a variety of activities that promote and celebrate accessibility:

  • Recruiting: Regions actively recruits new associates from the disability community.
  • What A Difference A Day Makes: Regions associates are allowed one paid day off each year to do volunteer work in their communities. Many choose to assist organizations that support individuals with disabilities.
  • ADA events: Regions regularly sponsors the National ADA Symposium and supports other major ADA events.
  • ADA services: Regions provides bank statements in Braille, large-print and audio formats upon request for those who are blind or have low vision. Using text-to-speech software, the bank also makes online PDF statements for checking accounts, savings accounts and Now Cards accessible at no charge.
  • Autism Awareness Initiative: Regions strives to make its banking facilities accommodating to people with autism and their families and caregivers by creating a friendly, welcoming environment at all branch facilities, and by training bank associates to recognize and properly address potential incidents related to autism.
  • Awareness: Regions frequently produces disability-related and awareness-raising articles for our website, feature articles and videos for its annual Regions Social Responsibility Report, print ads and other materials that celebrate the inclusionary spirit of the ADA. Watch these videos to learn more.
    • Our Kids Can Pretty Much Do Anything – Watch students throughout Indiana enjoy the freedom that having a bicycle offers.
    • Passing the Torch in Florida – Young leaders with disabilities from the Center for Independent Living head to the state capitol to discuss and promote protections granted by the ADA.
    • Doing More in Alabama – Learn how the Helen Keller Institute is helping people preserve their sight, speech and hearing through clinical research and education.

For more details about how Regions continues to demonstrate its commitment to the ADA and to providing accessible banking services, contact Regions ADA Manager Kathy Lovell directly at 205-264-7495, toll-free at 1-800-370-5087 or via email at