Special Paid Time Off Purchase Program
Full-time associates can purchase additional paid time off for 2020

Regions understands the challenges that our associates are facing during this time of crisis in our communities, nation and world. To help ease some of the stress of caring for the needs of your loved ones and yourself while continuing a normal work routine, Regions is implementing a Special Paid Time Off (PTO) Purchase Program. The Program will provide all full-time associates with a special election opportunity to purchase one or two weeks of additional PTO. It is our hope that this opportunity will ease your mind regarding paid time off during this unprecedented time in our history. You can enroll now, immediately take the time off, draw your full base salary during your PTO, and then pay for the PTO over the rest of the year.

Special Paid Time Off Purchase Program Overview:

  • Regions is providing all full-time associates with a special election opportunity to purchase one or two weeks of Paid Time Off (PTO) that can be immediately used or saved to be used after you’ve used your other PTO.
  • The cost of the extra time will be priced using your current base salary.
  • Payment will be deducted on a pretax basis equally among the remaining biweekly pay periods of 2020.
  • We recommend using all of your vacation days and floating holidays prior to using your purchased PTO, but it isn’t required. 
  • Associates will be paid for the optional PTO days at your hourly base rate of pay in effect at the time of use and the payment will be taxed as regular income.
  • Active Associates will schedule purchased PTO days within Workday and must have manager approval before using them.
  • Associates currently on leave will schedule PTO through the HR Connect team.
  • PTO days not scheduled by the beginning of December will be reimbursed to the associate prior to year-end.

For answers to commonly asked questions, including how to calculate the cost of coverage, please reference the Special Paid Time Off Purchase Program Questions and Answers. The election period will take place within Workday beginning April 13, 2020 through April 20, 2020. This is your only opportunity to purchase additional PTO for 2020. To enroll in Workday, click on the Benefits icon, then Change Benefits. Select Paid Time Off Election from the dropdown box, and a Benefit Event Date of the date you make your election. Click Submit and on the next screen click Open. (If you accidentally click Done, just go to your Workday inbox. You’ll see the event there. Click on it and continue.) Select 40 hours or 80 hours, then click Submit.

If you need assistance with the Special Paid Time Off Purchase Program enrollment, please contact the HR Connect team at (877) 562-8383 or