Associate Eligibility


You have three opportunities to enroll in Regions benefits:

  1. When you’re hired as a full-time associate
  2. During the annual open enrollment period
  3. When you experience a qualifying event

Hired as a Full-time Associate

If you are hired as a full-time associate scheduled to work 30 or more hours per week or if, after 12 months of employment, you have worked an average of 30 hours per week, you are eligible for benefits coverage.

If your first day in a benefits-eligible position is the first of the month, you are eligible for benefits beginning that day. If you are hired on the second of the month or later, your benefits will start on the first day of the following month.

You must enroll in your benefits within 31 days of being hired.

If you do not make elections, you will be enrolled in the Core medical plan with associate-only coverage.

Annual Open Enrollment

Regions annual benefits open enrollment period happens each fall. During this time, you must review benefit plan options and make changes for the upcoming year.

All benefits chosen during this time are effective on January 1 of the following year and remain in effect through December 31 if you maintain eligibility throughout the year.

During open enrollment, you can enroll for the first time, renew your coverage, make changes to your current plans or cancel participation.

Your coverage does not renew automatically.

You must re-enroll each year during open enrollment to have benefits for the following year. Associates who do not enroll or actively waive medical coverage will be enrolled automatically into the Core medical plan with associate-only coverage.

Qualifying Life Event

The choices you make during enrollment remain in effect for the entire plan year unless you have a qualifying event as defined by the IRS.

If you experience a qualifying event, you must submit your requested changes within 31 days of the event by submitting a Change in Status request via Workday along with supporting documentation to verify your request.

See the Changes Due to Life Events section for detailed information.

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