Dental health means much more than healthy teeth — it is integral to your health and well-being. Oral diseases and conditions are often a sign of other health problems, so taking preventive measures today means a healthier tomorrow.

Dental insurance helps cover the cost of dental care for you and your family. Regions offers comprehensive dental coverage through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama for services ranging from X-rays and routine cleanings to fillings and orthodontic care. The dental plan covers preventive services, including two cleanings a year, at 100% with no deductible. Your dental premiums are withheld from your pay on a pre-tax basis.

You are not required to use an in-network or preferred dentist on this plan. However, you will maximize your benefits if you do. All in-network dentists must accept the Blue Cross Blue Shield Allowed Amount as payment in full except for your deductible and coinsurance. Also, preferred dentists only collect the deductible and/or coinsurance before filing claims, except for services that are non-covered benefits, such as implants. Non-network or non-preferred dentists may charge you the difference between the allowed amount and their billed charges and may require full payment from you before filing claims.

For more plan information, please see the Dental Summary of Benefits and the Dental Summary Plan Description (SPD). To find a network dentist, see the Find a Doctor page on

How the Dental Plan Pays Benefits


Plan Benefit

Diagnostic and preventive services, such as exams, X-rays and cleanings

100% of UCR* with no deductible

Annual deductible

$100 per person; $300 per family

Basic restorative and periodontic services, such as fillings and removal of diseased gum tissue

80% of UCR* after deductible

Supplemental and prosthetic services, such as oral surgery and bridges**

50% of UCR* after deductible

These benefits are available if services are received after you and your dependents have been covered by the plan for one year.

Annual maximum benefit for above services

$1,500 per person per calendar year  


50% of UCR* after deductible; lifetime maximum benefit of $1,750 per person 

These benefits are available if services are received after you and your dependents have been covered by the plan for one year.


*Usual Customary and Reasonable (UCR) amount or allowed amount.

**There is a 12-month waiting period for orthodontia, oral surgery, complex extractions, root canals, crowns and other supplemental and prosthetic services.

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