Dependent Eligibility


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Benefits coverage is available to eligible dependents of associates. Please review the information below to ensure your dependents meet the requirements for coverage.

Dependent Criteria

Who can be covered under my benefits?
If you enroll yourself in Regions benefits, you may also enroll your eligible dependents, who include:

  • Your legal spouse or domestic partner*
  • Your eligible children to age 26** for the medical, dental, vision, optional life and legal plans
  • Your eligible children to age 26** who are unmarried full-time students (between age 19 and 26) for the AD&D Plan

An eligible child can be a:

  • Natural child of yours or your domestic partner
  • Legally adopted child or child placed with you or your domestic partner for adoption
  • Foster child
  • Child for whom you or your domestic partner are the court-appointed legal guardian
  • Stepchild
  • Incapacitated child who is unable to support himself or herself and depends on you for support (the incapacity must have occurred before age 26 and be validated by the corresponding benefits vendor)

*Domestic partners and their children are only eligible for medical, dental, vision, EAP and legal coverage; proof of eligibility must be submitted. Children of your domestic partner must live in your household. See the domestic partner section below for more information.

**Coverage ends at the end of their birth month.

Who cannot be covered under my benefits?
Examples of ineligible dependents include but are not limited to:

  • Ex-spouse (even if court-ordered)
  • Common law spouse (See Domestic Partner Benefits Requirements)
  • Children (including grandchildren) who are not the child of you or your spouse, unless you have court-appointed legal guardianship

If you have a spouse or child who is also a Regions associate, they cannot be “double covered” on any benefit plan. For example, if they enroll themselves in the Regions Medical Plan, you cannot also enroll them as a dependent on your coverage, or vice versa. There is no coordination of benefits in this instance. Likewise, associates cannot be a dependent on Life or AD&D. If you are double enrolled, you will pay both deductions but the policy will not pay in the event of their death.

Proof of Dependent Status

Regions, its insurance companies and other claims administrators will periodically audit the eligibility of your covered dependents at any time. You may be asked to submit proof of dependent status by providing a marriage certificate, birth certificate, tax return, etc.

It is your responsibility to remove any ineligible dependents from the Regions benefit plans during open enrollment or when they become ineligible. Dependents covered under your benefits who are determined to be ineligible or for whom you cannot provide proof of eligibility will be removed immediately, and you will be responsible for any claims that may have been paid on their behalf. You may also be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

For more information, see the Benefits Eligibility FAQ section of

Domestic Partner Coverage

To be eligible for domestic partner benefits at Regions, you and your partner must submit an Affidavit for Domestic Partnership and provide documentation to show that the relationship meets the requirements of the Regions Domestic Partner Benefits Requirements.

After you enroll your domestic partner (and children, if applicable) — as a new hire, during open enrollment or upon a change in status — you will be contacted with instructions for submitting your documentation.  If documentation is not received within the required time frame, benefits will not be available to the dependent(s).

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