Disability Plans


If you are unable to work because of a qualified disability, Regions provides income replacement protection at no cost to you. Coverage includes benefits for both short-term and long-term disability. Pre-existing limitations or other conditions may apply.

Short-Term Disability

Pays a percentage of pay based on an associate’s length of service:

  • Plan begins paying on the 11th business day of approved disability

Length of Service

Percent Paid

90 days-2 years


2 years-5 years


5 years-10 years


10+ years


  • Plan pays a maximum of 26 weeks
  • Maximum weekly benefit of $8,077

For maternity benefits, see the Parental Leave guidelines.

Long-Term Disability

  • Plan pays 60% of pay in the event of associate disability
  • Minimum benefit of $100 per month; maximum benefit of $21,000 per month
  • Benefit payments begin on associate’s 181st day of disability
  • Benefit payments are reduced by applicable benefits from government (such as Social Security disability payments) or other employer-sponsored plans
  • Pre-existing conditions and other limitations may apply

Additional information about these plans can be found in the Short-Term Disability Summary Plan Description or the Long-Term Disability Summary Plan Description.

If you are planning a leave of absence, please call the HR Connect Team at 1-877-562-8383. See the Leave of Absence section for more information.

Your benefits will automatically continue while you are on leave. An invoice will be sent to your home address in Workday. You must make payments in a timely fashion (every payday) to keep benefits active. To cancel benefits, enter a change benefits event in Workday. Refer to your leave packet for more information.

When filing a claim, please refer to the Cigna How to File a Disability Claim Brochure or call a Cigna representative at 1-866-562-8421.

Need Help?

Contact the HR Connect Team at 1-877-562-8383.