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Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), you may be eligible for up to 12 weeks of family and medical leave (FML) during a rolling 12-month period. In certain circumstances, you could be eligible for up to 26 weeks of military caregiver leave during a rolling 12-month period to care for a covered servicemember with a serious injury or illness. The leave may be paid, unpaid or a combination of paid and unpaid leave depending on the circumstances of the leave and as specified in this policy. 

This policy will provide you with a general description of your FMLA rights. In the event of a conflict between this policy and the applicable law, you will be afforded all rights required by law. 


You are eligible for FML if:

  • You have been employed with Regions for at least 12 months or 52 weeks and
  • You have worked at least 1,250 hours during the previous 12 months prior to the start of leave

Prior service will be included to determine FML eligibility if the break in service is less than seven years.

Exception: Separate periods of employment greater than seven years will be considered if break in service is due to National Guard or Reserve military service obligations, or when there is a written agreement stating intention by Regions to rehire after the break in service.

For purposes of eligibility, you will be considered employed for an entire week if you are on the payroll for only part of a week or if you are on leave during the week.

Reasons for Leave

FML can be taken for any of the following reasons. Please refer to the definitions contained at the end of this guideline for further information:

  • For the birth and care of a newborn or newly adopted or newly placed foster care child during the 12 months following the child’s birth or placement
  • To attend to your own serious health condition that leaves you unable to perform your job, including those that result from an on-the-job injury or illness
  • To care for your child, spouse or parent who has a serious health condition
  • For a qualifying exigency arising as a result of your child, spouse or parent on covered active duty
  • To care for a child, spouse, parent or next of kin who is a covered servicemember and who has incurred a serious injury or illness or who has aggravated an existing condition while in the line of duty on active duty in the Armed Forces and that may render the member medically unfit to perform the duties of the member’s office, grade, rank or rating

Leave Availability

If eligible, you can take up to 12 weeks of leave in a rolling 12-month period measured backward from the date leave begins, for the first four reasons listed above. Each time leave is used, we will determine if any leave has been taken within the past 12 months and subtract it from the 12 weeks of available leave.

To care for an injured servicemember as described in the fifth reason listed above, you may be eligible for up to 26 weeks of leave in a “single 12-month period.” For military caregiver leave, Regions will measure the 12-month period as a rolling 12-month period measured forward from the first day leave is taken. FML already taken for other FMLA circumstances will be deducted from the total of 26 weeks available.

If you and your spouse are both Regions associates:

  • You will be limited to a combined total of 12 weeks of bonding time under FML for birth of a child, adoption or placement of a child in foster care or to care for a parent (but not a parent “in-law”) with a serious health condition
  • You will be limited to a combined total of 26 weeks of leave to care for a covered injured or ill servicemember

You may use any unused portion of FML availability for your own serious health condition, to care for a seriously ill child or to care for your seriously ill spouse.

Example: If an eligible husband and wife work for Regions and adopt a child, and each took six weeks leave, each spouse would still be entitled to take an additional six weeks of FMLA leave due to their own serious health condition or to care for a seriously ill family member.

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