Healthcare Bluebook


Are you overpaying for healthcare? You don’t have to.

Healthcare Bluebook is an online and mobile resource available to Core High Deductible Plan members that helps you quickly find cost and quality information by ranking local facilities in an easy-to-read color system. It makes shopping for healthcare services simple and straightforward.

Did you know the price of a medical procedure can vary by hundreds — even thousands — of dollars from one facility to another? You also may be using hospitals that are rated low in quality. But how can you know?

With Healthcare Bluebook, you can find high-quality healthcare at a fair price* quickly and easily. 

When to Use Healthcare Bluebook

  • When searching for the fair market price for a procedure in your area (e.g. an MRI)
  • When comparing quality ratings for the same surgery at different facilities
  • When determining the most cost-effective facility for care
  • To ensure the provider you use is not just highly rated overall, but highly rated for the specific medical procedure you need

Download the Healthcare Bluebook Cost Comparison flyer for savings examples.

How to Access Healthcare Bluebook (Core Plan participants only)

Website Access

From work: Healthcare Bluebook Direct Link to Your Account
From home: Bookmark

Once logged in:

  • Search for your procedure
  • See cost and quality ratings
  • Select a fair price* facility
  • Save money

Just ask your doctor to refer you to a fair price* facility and always check if a physician is in network before scheduling. 

Mobile Access

Download the Healthcare Bluebook mobile app, available at Google Play and the Apple App Store. Use the company code “Regions” to access custom content.

For assistance using Healthcare Bluebook, call customer service at 1-800-341-0504 or email

*Fair price is Healthcare Bluebook’s term for the best choice provider based on quality and price.

Need Help?

Contact the HR Connect Team at 1-877-562-8383