Parental/Bonding Leave FAQs


What is Regions Parental/Bonding Leave?

The parental/bonding leave is an approved paid leave of absence for associates who are becoming parents, which allows time to bond with their new child and/or recover from childbirth.

Who is eligible for this type of leave? 

Associates who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Employed in a benefits-eligible position as of the January 1, 2019 effective date of this policy; or
  • Have 12 months of continuous service in a benefits-eligible position as of the date of birth or adoption date of the child

What benefit events are eligible for this type of leave? 

  • Birth event of the associate
  • Birth event of the associate’s spouse/partner
  • Associate’s adoption of a child

When does the Parental/Bonding Leave of Absence Policy become effective? 

The benefits are available to associates who give birth or adopt after January 1, 2019.

How often can parental/bonding leave be taken? 

Once per calendar year and only once per birth or adoption (no matter the number of children being born or adopted on the same day).

How does parental/bonding leave coordinate with maternity leave? 

  • Maternity leave takes place during the first six weeks following the date of birth
  • Bonding leave begins the first day of the seventh week for birth mothers

When must parental/bonding leave be taken? 

Within the first 12 weeks of the event. Birth mothers must begin their bonding leave at the end of their six-week maternity leave. Bonding leave for all other parents can be delayed, but must be completed by the end of 12 weeks after the birth/adoption. That means that if an associate intends to take the full six weeks, bonding leave must begin by the first day of the seventh week after birth/adoption.

How does an associate request parental/bonding leave? 

Associates should follow the standard procedures for requesting any type of leave of absence.

How is eligible pay for parental/bonding leave calculated? 

Eligible pay will equal the greater of the compensation used for disability benefits as of the date of birth or current salary.

How is an associate paid while on parental/bonding leave?

For six weeks of maternity leave, the first two weeks are paid at 100% of eligible pay from Regions.

For the next four weeks:

  • STD rate of 60%, 70%, 80% or 100% paid by Cigna
  • Supplemental rate of 40%, 30%, 20% or $0 of eligible pay paid by Regions
  • Last six weeks (bonding leave) paid at 100% of eligible pay from Regions

For bonding leave, full six weeks paid at 100% of eligible pay from Regions.

Who is not eligible for parental/bonding leave?

  • Biological parents who have no parental rights or custody (surrogate mothers are usually eligible for maternity leave, but not bonding leave)
  • Associates who donate sperm or egg but have no parental rights
  • Associates adopting their spouse’s or partner’s child
  • Associates who are named guardian of a child
  • Associates who become foster parents

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