Payroll While on Leave

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Leave is unpaid. However, depending on the reason for your leave, you may be paid under other Regions policies and benefits.

  • Leave for your own serious health condition: If you are disabled for 10 or more consecutive business days, you may be eligible for short-term disability. You will be required to use sick time to cover the 10-day waiting period for short-term disability. Any remaining sick days will be available for use later in the year. If you do not have enough sick time available to cover the 10-day waiting period, you may use vacation time or additional time (i.e. Evergreen Day, United Way Day or other bonus days as approved by management) as needed to cover the elimination period. If you are approved for short-term disability while on an approved leave of absence from Regions, any sick or vacation time used during the 10-day elimination period will be credited back to your sick or vacation time balances
  • Leave for a newly adopted child or foster child who has been placed in your care: You will be allowed to use vacation time. You must specify use of vacation time at the start of leave. In the absence of pay for vacation time, your leave of absence will be unpaid. Please see Parental Leave for information regarding potential leave benefits for new adoptive parents
  • Leave for any other reason: You will be required to exhaust all sick time that is applicable under the sick time policy. Use of vacation time is optional and must be indicated at the start of leave. In the absence of pay for sick or vacation time, your leave of absence will be unpaid

While on leave of absence, if you are not receiving short-term disability (e.g. time taken beyond the period during which you are deemed disabled or the 10-day elimination period), you will be required to use all available sick time; use of vacation time is optional. In the absence of available sick or vacation time, your leave of absence will be unpaid.

While on leave, if you elect to receive pay for vacation time which has been earned but not accrued, and you do not return from leave, you will be required to repay vacation time that has been used but not yet accrued.

You must notify your Leave of Absence Administrator if you wish to use vacation time while you are on a leave of absence. If eligible for short-term disability, it is your responsibility to contact the disability company and file for short-term disability benefits.

You are not eligible to receive pay from Regions if you are receiving short-term disability benefits (other than associates on an approved maternity leave who meet the requirements for parental pay). You must report such double payment to Leave of Absence and you must reimburse Regions for any pay you receive while you are also receiving short-term disability benefits.

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