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If you are an associate and you are not eligible for Family and Medical Leave (FML), you may be eligible for a personal leave of absence of up to 180 calendar days. Temporary associates are not eligible for a personal leave of absence.

Personal leaves of absence — both medical and non-medical (i.e. adoption, bonding time with a newborn child, etc.) — are subject to approval from the Leave of Absence team.

Personal leaves of absence are granted at the discretion of Regions, and not all requests may be approved. While on a personal leave of absence, you will not have job protection, and your employment is not guaranteed when your personal leave of absence ends.

Required paperwork will be sent to you by the Leave of Absence department. Failure to provide completed required documentation within 15 days or failure to provide a 30-day notice in advance may result in the denial of leave.

Personal leaves of absence are available for a minimum of three consecutive calendar days and a maximum of 180 calendar days within a 12-month period, including time taken for FML and personal leave of absence combined (unless modification of this policy and practice is required by law). Because Family Medical Leave may be taken intermittently, the 180-calendar-day maximum may be calculated as 134 business days of non-consecutive leave.

Personal leave following the birth or adoption of a child is not to exceed 12 consecutive weeks total.

If you do not return to work after the maximum leave period and you have not requested or otherwise are not eligible for an accommodation under our Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) policy, you will be considered to have voluntarily resigned your employment effective as of the end of the leave. While on leave, your employment status will be reviewed by the Leave of Absence Administration team every 30 days.

You may not take a personal leave of absence on an intermittent basis or as part of a reduced work schedule.

The Leave of Absence team will make all medical inquiries and determine whether there is a medical need for leave.

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