Preventive Care


Preventive screenings can help catch many health problems before they become serious. Our medical plan provides coverage for most age-appropriate routine exams, immunizations and preventive screenings. These covered services are determined by the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), or by Regions if our coverage exceeds the recommendations. When provided by an in-network physician, covered services are provided at no cost to you on both the Advantage PPO and Core High Deductible health plans.

Associates and their spouses are eligible for a routine physical examination each year with specific age-appropriate tests, such as mammograms and cervical, prostate and colorectal cancer screenings. Age-appropriate adult immunizations are also covered. (Pneumonia and shingles vaccines are available via the Vaccine Network through the plans’ prescription drug benefits.) In addition, females may also receive a gynecological wellness exam covered at 100% each year.

Routine well-child care, including office visits and immunizations, are covered for children up to age 6. An annual routine exam and recommended screenings are covered for dependent children age 7 to 26. Female dependent children age 10 and older are also eligible to receive a gynecological visit and preventive testing.

Not everything your doctor orders is a covered service. For a complete list of preventive benefits, see the Preventive Services and Immunizations Listing and the Summary Plan Descriptions.

Did You Know?

With the Vitality wellness program, you can earn points that lead to gift card rewards for completing preventive care services (such as routine exams and age-appropriate cancer screenings). Associates on the Regions Medical Plans are eligible to participate in Vitality at no cost. To learn more, read the Vitality Quick Guide and How to Earn Vitality Points or visit the Vitality page to sign up today!

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