Requesting Leave of Absence

Your Benefits

If you are aware that you will need a leave of absence in advance, you must give your supervisor and the HR Leave of Absence (LOA) team at least 30 calendar days’ notice, or as much notice as possible in your circumstance.

If your need for leave is not foreseeable, you must provide verbal notification to your supervisor and LOA team as soon as feasible and within established departmental attendance guidelines. If you are unable to provide notification of an absence within established departmental guidelines because of unusual circumstances, you must notify your supervisor and LOA team either the same day or the next business day that leave begins. Special consideration will be given if an injury or illness renders an associate incapacitated and unable to provide notice as set forth above.

When notifying your supervisor, you must provide enough information to determine if there is a need for a leave of absence. Calling in “sick” is not sufficient information to determine a need for Family and Medical Leave (FML), and absences may be denied FMLA protection.

If you are absent from work for more than three consecutive calendar days due to your own serious health condition or a serious health condition affecting your spouse, parent or child, you must request a leave of absence by calling the HR Connect Team at 1-877-562-8383 or emailing to discuss your eligibility for leave.

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