Retiree Eligibility

Your Benefits

Regions understands that making the decision to retire can be exciting and worrisome. In either case, it will be important that you decide with the right information on hand. The details below explain the eligibility requirements for benefits available to a retiring associate.


Eligibility for benefits is based on your age and the number of years of service.

  • Age 55 with 10 years of continuous employment
  • Age 65 regardless of hire date

Retiree Medical Benefits

If you leave the company, have medical and/or dental benefits as an active associate and meet this eligibility requirement, you will have the opportunity to elect retiree medical and dental benefits. Benefits are provided at full cost to the retiree. Medical and dental benefits are available until age 65. If you are interested in electing retiree medical and dental benefits, you will first elect COBRA coverage. At the end of your 18-month COBRA period, you will elect retiree coverage. Regions coverage must be continuous, meaning if you fail to elect COBRA or retiree coverage, you can’t later decide to elect it.

Retiree medical and dental monthly premiums may change each year. For the current rates, click here.

While Regions intends that these plans be continued indefinitely, it reserves the right to amend or terminate them at any time.

If you do not meet the age and service requirements listed above, or if you only need to continue your coverage for up to 18 months, COBRA coverage is available to you and your eligible dependents at a cost significantly lower than retiree coverage. See Leaving Regions and Benefits Continuation for more information.

Retiree Vacation Payout

As an eligible Regions retiree, you are entitled to receive a vacation payout in the amount of your annual grant less any time taken.

Banking Perks

As a Regions retiree, you delivered value to our customers and communities every day of your tenure. You were the best in banking and you expect the best in banking. That’s why we continue to offer TeamGreen Banking perks upon retirement including most all of the same great associate perks you’ve always enjoyed as part of the Regions team.

Visit HR Connect > Benefits & Perks > Associate Banking Benefits for the active associate information. Some items might not apply to retirees. While Regions intends to provide these benefits indefinitely, the company reserves the right to amend or terminate them at any time.

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