Routine Vision Care


A routine eye exam can detect simple blurred vision or find a wide range of other diseases that may otherwise go unnoticed until it’s too late. For this reason, it is important to schedule regular eye exams for you and your family. Regions offers a voluntary (associate-paid) vision plan through Vision Service Plan (VSP). VSP provides coverage for routine eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses. With VSP, most associates can save substantially on the cost of routine eye care.

Note: Services for eye injury or disease (non-routine care) are generally provided under the Regions Medical Plan. See the Medical Summary Plan Description for benefits and exclusions.

VSP Doctors

VSP has a large network of providers. You’ll maximize your benefit when you see a doctor in the VSP Choice Network. In addition to covered services, these physicians provide discounts on non-covered services and select materials. There is no ID card or claim form required when using a VSP doctor. Simply tell your doctor’s office that you are covered by VSP when you make your appointment. Your provider’s office will be able to verify your benefits and file your claim.

Participating Retail Chains

You’ll receive similar coverage when you use a participating retail chain — however, some of the costs may be higher or discounts may be lower or not available. Participating retail chains include Costco and Eye Care Centers of America. These chains will also file claims for you.

Other Providers

 With non-network providers, there is a reimbursement schedule for your eye exam and eyewear. Claim forms will usually be required.

Using your VSP benefit is easy:

  • To find a VSP doctor or a retail chain provider, visit or call 1-800-877-7195
  • Review your benefit information at
  • When you make your appointment, tell your physician’s office that you have VSP. There is no ID card necessary

How the Vision Plan Pays Benefits


Plan Benefit for In-Network VSP Choice Providers

WellVision exam

$15 copay

Focuses on your eye health and overall wellness. Covered every calendar year.

Prescription lenses

$25 copay for lenses and/or frames

Single vision, lined bifocal, lined trifocal, standard progressive and polycarbonate lenses are fully covered, as well as scratch-resistant coating. Covered every calendar year.


$25 copay for lenses and/or frames

$150 allowance for the frame of your choice, plus a 20% discount off any amount over the allowance. Costco frame allowance is $80. Covered every other calendar year.

Contact lenses instead of glasses

$0 copay

$150 allowance for the contacts and contact lens exam (fitting and evaluation). Covered every calendar year. A 15% discount off the contact lens exam applies. If you choose contact lenses, you will be eligible for a frame one calendar year from the date your contacts were obtained.

Laser VisionCare

Average 15% off the regular price or 5% off the promotional price at contracted facilities.

Extra savings on glasses and sunglasses

Average 20% to 25% savings on all non-covered lens options; 20% off additional eyewear purchases within 12 months of your last VSP exam.

Additional Information

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